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Energy Block Release 4

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Energy Block Release 4

5 mins

Energy Block Release 4 is also called "living with wisdom" and is a mudra energisation sequence.

This sequence is very helpful for whenever we experience circumstances that cause us to doubt our capabilities or question our decisions.  Regular practice of this sequence during such times of challenge or uncertainty will renew our inner conviction, remind us of our personal power and bring clarity about the way forward.

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Members' comments:

15 Aug, 2023
bluesman's picture
Difficult to follow for beginners
24 Dec, 2022
Moniv's picture
Lovely sequence for grounding on Christmas morning.
24 Aug, 2022
laurian 11's picture
laurian 11
love this sequence and felt the power of it with the powerful ocean as well as within loved the narration of this sequence
21 Aug, 2022
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Coby,always love this EBR.
14 Aug, 2022
NicolaH's picture
Fabulous loved the waves the ocean the power, the flow! Nikki xx
10 Mar, 2019
GabrieleClark's picture
Love that this EBR can be done in 5 minutes! Not sure about the voice over or when to move feet, but loved watching Coby present EBR4 - Thank you.
25 Apr, 2018
cookie's picture
What a lovely peaceful but powerful sequence. Adding in the affirmations from our DYTT workbook adds even more benefit to it. Teaching this to my class today & looking forward to it. Thanks Dru/Coby x
18 Jan, 2017
Raeleigh's picture
Thankyou Coby. I have just joined Dru Online and selected this as I have just made a big career move (I quit my toxic job!) and this EBR did help (even the first time doing it), "renew my inner conviction". Go DRU! and Go me! Namaste
16 May, 2016
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Brilliant Coby, thank you xxx
7 May, 2016
cookie's picture
Thank you Coby - found this beautiful relaxing sequence very useful - it was quick to find as presented as a stand alone 5 minute video. I'll be a regular visitor to this. xx
10 Dec, 2015's picture
Thankyou for that EBR 4 in 5 mins - uplifting, empowering and heart opening. Savitri Tait


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