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Feel Great Look Radiant

 -   & 
Dru Team
36 mins

Filmed on location in Australia, this class covers activations, EBR 4, the Vitality Sequence, the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) and a deep relaxation all amongst the most beautiful scenery. Enjoy!

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Members' comments:

20 Sep, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
The perfect class for a wet and windy September morning in the UK. The wonderful scenery and sequences have enegised me for the day. Thank you. xx
11 Jun, 2022
Sweetie's picture
I love this class it is so energising I do it regularly. I love the way it just flows through without having to watch demonstrations. I love those classes also but sometimes its great just to do it!
22 May, 2022
johad's picture
Fabulous, just the class I needed today. Feeling refreshed, revived and relaxed. Namaste
11 Jan, 2021
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you. I feel ALIVE. x
21 Jun, 2020
sandra.chevin121's picture
Good class - any chance of a different voice-over?
6 Jun, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Fast Fabulous pace. Great class
28 Apr, 2020
victoria.sprigg@btinternet.com's picture
Jez and I love this old vid. Thanks Coby xx
6 Jun, 2018
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
One of my all time favourite classes! Really do feel great and radiant after :-))
10 Jan, 2018
Neesey55's picture
This is a great class! Not too long if time is limited and you feel full of vitality and you feel great too.
6 Jan, 2018
Raisinloaf's picture
Wonderfully revitalising class - just what I needed. Really clear instructions. The Vitality sequence was a great energy booster.
3 Jul, 2016
Jo's picture
Great Sunday morning revitalising class. Thank you xx
8 Nov, 2015
Virgin's picture
Excellent sequence - Feeling revitalised & my mind is clear. Thank you
4 Mar, 2015
Veronicaisme's picture
wow I had forgotton how good it feels to stretch,look forward to the next one if I can keep up! wonderful videos.
26 Nov, 2014
Kayostell's picture
Just what I needed! Great pace, feel ace! Thanks
11 Feb, 2012
Ambha Clare's picture
Ambha Clare
Dear Annie and Coby Warm Hellos ;i am still having trouble with playing this on my mac power book.ithe video flips out at the shoulderstand and wont go any further can you helpTthanks i have really enjoyed the sequences Om Shanti blessings to all the team Ambha Clare
8 Feb, 2012
Carol Swindell's picture
Carol Swindell
Enjoyed Ebr 4 as had not done this recently. Sequence was beautiful, and again had tried this sequence a few years ago but could never remember it. Good to be able to follow it on line.
25 Jan, 2012
claarbos's picture
beautiful nature, beautiful models and very clear instructions! thanks a lot, with love from Claartje


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