Four techniques for inner balance
Savitri MacCuish

Savitri MacCuish

Director of Dru Netherlands

Savitri is a global ambassador of peace, international speaker, retreat leader and author. Savitri trains people around the world in authentic leadership...

Four techniques for inner balance

20 mins

​Join Savitri as she takes you through four techniques for creating and maintaining balance in a changing world, filmed for a live webinar at our Dru Centre in Snowdonia.

In this fast changing world it is perhaps even more important now than ever to have the tools ‘at hand’ which can help us to diffuse and transform harmful emotional energy into its positive counterpart. 

Use these 3 transformational mudras to help you regain your balance as quickly as possible and then use the 4th technique, a Heart Meditation to build up your inner strength and resilience.

Be a warrior of Peace.




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7 Feb, 2018
joyousjulie's picture
Lovely techniques for me to use and to share to help others. Thank you.
28 Jul, 2017's picture
Thank you this.....I so love using mudra in my personal practice....... The Heart meditation reminds me of Reiki meditations. Saving this video.....
20 Jul, 2017
Raisinloaf's picture
Thank you Savitri for a really helpful session. The heart meditation was exactly what I needed today.
20 Jul, 2017's picture
Thank you so much Savitri. Your beautiful techniques came to me just when I needed them most. Hopefully with regular practice they will help me move on from a difficult situation and help me take back my power and light. Om Shanti. Jo x
16 Jul, 2017's picture
Thank you so much Savitri. I found these 4 techniques very helpful in a time of bereavement and personal struggle. I will continue to practise them as and when I can. They brought instant relief and a sense of peace; the focus on changing the breath awareness in the body is profound too. These techniques can be used in daily life. Your calm presence helped a lot too. Namaste, Peace and thank you Cathy

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