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Get Fit Series: Class 1

50 mins

Enjoy your Get Fit series!

First, sample Coby's activations to get you fit and active! Then enjoy a fantastically strong version of the Dru Sun Sequence (Surya Namaskara) to stretch, tone and strengthen the whole of your body; the Maltese Cross (Shava Udarakarshanasana) for a great stretch in the lower back and shoulders; a piriformis stretch to ease off the glutes and then settle into a short deep relaxation to complete this fantastic re-energising class.


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Members' comments:

30 Jun, 2022
karen lesley's picture
karen lesley
enjoyed the session
11 Apr, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
A fabulous stretch and a challenge. Thank you. I feel energised.
7 Oct, 2021's picture
Super activations - I could feel the benefit in the sequence. Thank you!
4 Aug, 2021
DianaB's picture
Wonderful class, thank you Coby
1 Nov, 2020's picture
One of my all time favourite classes! Thank you x
13 Sep, 2020
Maryon60's picture
Beautiful! Thank you. I’ll be back for more.
14 Aug, 2020
Evanst's picture
Great class really specific instructions. I feel great. I find the dip to cobra tricky too!
10 Jun, 2020's picture
Brilliant class. I too struggle lowering down from plank to chest first. Does anyone have any tips for how to strengthen to be able to do so? Thanks
31 Jan, 2019
JuliaS's picture
Thanks Coby. Very well explained.
9 Oct, 2018
SylviaC's picture
Another great sun sequence. I love the variations in it which keep it interesting and strong.
22 Feb, 2018
EF's picture
I'm trying to get my fitness back after a bout of Thyroiditis and have found this a very beneficial workout. Also love your teaching skills. Thanks Coby:-)
19 Nov, 2017
Jo's picture
Hi Coby, thank you for a wonderful class, the sun is out and I feel energised xx
25 Dec, 2016
JuliaS's picture
So Loved this Class Coby. Thankyou.
24 Dec, 2016
LindsYoga's picture
I discovered this sequence on Christmas Eve, and love it! The only bit that I found myself thinking "Well that just isn't happening!" for, was the lowering down from plank chest first. What do I need to work on to be able to achieve this? Core strength and stability?
14 Nov, 2016
cookie's picture
Thank you Coby, very strenuous but enjoyable version of the sun sequence. I'll be making that a regular session. Namaste x
3 May, 2016
juliescarff's picture
Just love this version of the sun sequence. Feel like I've had a good workout. Thanks Coby
24 Apr, 2016
SueCleaver's picture
Hi, had trouble with this class stopping and starting, then tried to refresh but then nothing came up. Hope this can be fixed and look forward to doing it another day. Thanks
29 Mar, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi #KateJ, the class should be there if you're logged in? Let us know if you've any problems. Thanks.
24 Mar, 2016
KateJ's picture
thanks for the safety concerns video however I am not sure how to then access /where is the video for the class please thanks
17 Dec, 2015
dotsharkey's picture
Thank you for this, it is very helpful in getting fitter again over winter.
17 Feb, 2015's picture
thanks trying to get fit after having and a child. This was a lovely.
28 Jan, 2015
Sue Penning's picture
Sue Penning
I really like this sun sequence...thank you
10 Jan, 2015
Raisinloaf's picture
Beautiful class - releases stuck energy whilst being very calming!
29 Jul, 2013
olivia.palmer's picture
Helped me release some stuck energy, thank you.
24 Mar, 2013's picture
Fantastic class
13 Jul, 2012's picture
Janice and I(Usha) really enjoyed this class we look forward to class 2
23 Jun, 2012
Pauline Hall's picture
Pauline Hall
Thank you Coby that was great glad you get your left and right mixed up and its not just me.
1 Jun, 2012
lucy's picture
great class - my lower back feels amazing
20 May, 2012
veronica.evans's picture
was good to stretch but can not manage it all but have to keep trying. love your videos thanks.
23 Apr, 2012
AileenEmery's picture
I loved this - a really good stretch. I also loved all the great info about the muscles we were using etc.
18 Apr, 2012
veronica.evans's picture
That was a really good stretchy workout although i'm not as bendy these days I didi what I could. loved it thanks
12 Apr, 2012
kath's picture
loved this, hard work but feels great
10 Apr, 2012
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Inspirational and uplifting. Thank you.
21 Mar, 2012
paul.s.ayres's picture
Great class - thanks Coby.
5 Mar, 2012
fb152152's picture
I'm agree Olivia, very nice variation. Enjoying more and more the relaxation


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