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Gift of grief

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Gift of grief

79 mins

This beautiful and poignant class on discovering how to heal grief is borne from Andrew's vast experience with people suffering loss. 

It's part of his online course, Living with the End of Life, which aims to help you discover the rich moments of connectedness and fulfilment amidst the challenge of being with a loved one at the end of their life.

It's also born out of his work in war and conflict zones, helping people use yoga to transform emotional trauma.

In the yogic understanding, grief refers to the energies released in our psyche when we lose a part of ourselves. And yet, if yoga's claim that our inner nature is ever born from fullness is true, there may perhaps be a way that we can use yoga's techniques to regain this inner sense of connectedness and fullness. How can we do this? 

That's the intention of this class. It aims to show you how to actively love the poignant energies within our psyche that feel loss, and guide them gently towards our inner potential for connectedness. This happens entirely unconsciously using the movements and visualisations in the class, and softly results in transforming the forces of grief into beautiful integration and fullness.

Of course this doesn't happen overnight! Yoga is not a spectator sport... yet gently, over a period of weeks and months, this class will help you transform the energies of grief bit by bit, until eventually you re-discover your essence of fullness, and help you again discover how to actively love.

In this class...


Fun and lively to awaken your body and free the heaviness we so often experience with grief.

    Energy Block Release 2
To free your respiration and softly awaken your spine. The energies of grief frequently create blockages in these crucial parts of our body.
    Triangle, with fullness visualisation
Learn how to use the triangle posture in a way that's gentle on your body, (or strong if you want a good releasing stretch!), but profoundly empowering to your mind and heart.
    Seat of Compassion with modified spiral
Specially crafted to help you feel completely supported by life. This is a gentle discovery that emerges slowly with practice. Give it time; give yourself love.
    Healing relaxation
Relaxation is so crucial at a time when your body and mind are stretched and stressed by emotion. This relaxation aims to give you a gift - the fullness of who you really are. Again, give it time and let the gentle guidance and visualisation soothe your heart and transform your unconscious mind.




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Members' comments:

27 Dec, 2023
KateJones's picture
Just what I needed today. I have found myself grieving parts of me as my children get older. They need me in a different way and I've found it very isolating, I need to be ready to step into the next part of my life without the weight of loss. Thank you
19 Sep, 2023
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
Thank you Andrew for this very lovely class. Your teaching is amazing and the pictures you paint are so powerful and healing. Lots of love xxx
2 Jul, 2023
yummyscrummyjude's picture
Thank you Andrew for this amazing practice! In just 3 days I have seen a profound shift in my emotional and physical body, and didn't know how grief was held in the body! I have slept so well after the relaxation too. This is now part of my daily practice.
13 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Andrew Thank you. I was attacked by a dog 4wks ago crushing my right hand. Requiring Surgery Pins and plate. So a lot of trauma and grief. So this gift of 79 minutes is valuable.
13 Sep, 2021
Andrew Wells's picture
Andrew Wells
Julia, our prayers and blessings to you! I've taken the liberty of adding your name to our World Peace Flame prayer list - and we're envisioning you free, complete, full, healed. Such moments are always so very challenging, and yet here you are, taking brilliant steps to transform the energies liberated by the experience. I hope these techniques enable you to gradually feel whole again. All our love!
6 Apr, 2021
MILLY's picture
thank you Andrew for this amazing healing.
12 Feb, 2020
CatherineEJ's picture
Thank you so much Andrew.
12 Feb, 2020
CatherineEJ's picture
Thank you so very much Andrew
24 Nov, 2019
Sarah Dixon's picture
Sarah Dixon
Such a beautiful class Andrew. So soothing, healing and transformative. I know I will come back to this class again and again in my journey. Thank you Sarah xx
28 Jul, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Such beautiful, positive words, Andrew, a great class for everyone! Thank you.
23 Jul, 2018's picture
Fantastic Andrew. Such a wealth of information to absorb in this class. I loved the simplicity of the Triangle pose & the visualisation was very powerful for me. No doubt the potency of this practice will do it's healing. Thank you for your clarity and your wisdom. Cath xx
22 Jul, 2018
linda.karssies's picture
Thank you, that was beautiful and explained a lot for me. I will be back to learn and work with this more.


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