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Balancing the Base - Healing the carer

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Healing emotional trauma - balancing the base chakra - part 1

72 mins

This class is about preparing ourselves, balancing ourselves and loving ourselves when we encounter one of the toughest experiences we'll ever endure: the passing of a loved one.

This class is full of gems of wisdom, warmth, kindness and hope. And it's full of yoga's profound secrets for healing and integrating ourselves when were in the midst of caring for someone who is passing into the infinite.

Andrew has put this class together as a result of his vast experiences with refugees in war zones, helping them heal the emotional trauma left after violence. The techniques have been tried and tested with his own experiences of the passing of his parents, and similar experiences of many of his friends and colleagues. This class is part of his upcoming online course on Living with Dying, a yoga perspective on helping a loved one through the end of their life.

Having recently lost his own father, Andrew is well aware of the challenges we all face when it comes to looking after loved ones 'in transition'. However, he also recognises that this is the most important time to keep a watchful eye on one more important person: ourself. As we all know, at times like this, we need all the help we can get. We hope you will find this session helpful - a healing balm to help in the process of caring and recovering from loosing someone you love.


Activation session including 'shake out', side bends, dynamic twist and 'cross-crawling' movements. When experiencing emotional turmoil, the left and right hemispheres of the brain can get out of sync. These light hearted movements trigger a 're-wiring' of the whole system.

Energy Block Release 1 
A sensitive presentation of a familiar sequence to Dru Yoga, Energy Block Release 1. During the long hours, days and weeks of caring for the needs of others, we often put our needs on the back burner. Yet, more than ever, we need to look after our own body.  Use this version of EBR 1 to help clear blockages in the muscular and cellular make-up of the body.

EBR 1 includes the following: 

  • A simple standing visualisation for grounding the body
  • Side bends and finger flicks - use the sideways stretch to release tension in the chest
  • Standing stretch
  • Shoulder and arm rotations - release tension in the shoulders and activate the heart
  • Neck movements - extend the upper vertebrae
  • Standing twist - release tension in the spine 
  • Spinal wave with forward and backward bend - use this movement to free old stuck memories
  • Forward bend with leg stretch and squat

The Breath of Arjuna 

Breathing properly is a vital tool for releasing the body of deep anxiety that we tend to hold on to during these times. Practise equal ratio breathing as this enhances the healing process. In addition, add a 'power word' to help focus your mind on a positive emotion, e.g. 'appreciation', 'love' or 'peace.'

Warrior 1 and 2 
Use these strong postures to localise areas of tension in the body where we hold grief at a cellular level - especially around the heart. Use your awareness and intention to raise and release tension. Repeat this movement to the right and the left until you feel your heart centre begin to warm.

The Earth Sequence
This unique Dru sequence is the ultimate stress-buster. It is powerful sequence that helps to release the magnitude of nature within you, replenishing your whole body.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest! This dynamic relaxation called 'waves of peace' is designed to effect the cerebral spinal fluid which control the healing forces that link the body and the brain. 


This healing programme concludes with a guided meditation. Bring your awareness down to the base chakra and allow yourself to experience a sense of balance and deep inner peace.

To learn more about the base chakra click here to go through to our blog.

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Members' comments:

14 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
This morning I really enjoyed this Class. Helping me move forward through the trauma. Loved the relaxation, I found being active in the relaxation it really kept my thoughts in the present moment and I was able to let go and go Deeper. I notice this is part 1. is there a part 2. Ta Julia.
8 Dec, 2020's picture
Wonderful class Andrew. I have been studying on the yoga for mental well-being course and this class perfectly encapsulates the sensitive Dru approach. Thank you for your healing teaching. In peace namaste.
20 Jan, 2019
Jo's picture
Thank you Andrew, such a healing class, it will be one I keep coming back to and for those around me it will help too. Love always
15 Nov, 2018
JuliaS's picture
A very nourishing 72minutes. Deeply soothing. thanku. julia.s.
12 Nov, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments about this class. It's so great to see you being able to relax into and settle with this beautiful yoga. May your heart be nurtured and your body nourished as you continue on your journey of growth and discovery :-)
9 Nov, 2018
Sarawasti's picture
Thank you Andrew. You inspire me, Peace, love and Life Delphine
2 Jun, 2018
raphkevdweide's picture
Thank you very much Andrew, for sharing this class. So healing, and calming ... it came to me as a big present. I feel very gratitude. Thanks once more again. Greets raphke
10 Jun, 2017's picture
Thank you so much Andrew for this wonderful, healing yoga session! I am recently bereaved, (8 weeks) of my lovely partner of 17 years-Richard and I have been in so much pain and turbulence in his passing.It was sudden and traumatic. I appreciate your insight and wisdom on the subject of illness, consciousness, earth and spirit and the consciousness of a person passing on. This was all balanced by the reminder of the need for self nurture. I enjoyed this class so much and feel that it has restored a sense of balance to me on the rocky road of grief and nourished me deeply. I would highly recommend this session to anyone in grief. Many thanks and Love and Peace to you all. Cathy Jefferson
18 May, 2017
dawnma's picture
Thank you Andrew for this truly stunning session. You have explained so many things in a way's that I can see will be of great benefit and I will learn something deeper each time I re-visit. I can see this helping many others in times of need.
8 May, 2017
GabrieleClark's picture
Thank you Andrew. Your class comes in good timing! I think there are a lot of us who are currently dealing with grief... I'm enjoying the movements and the little extras that you share in this class. Thanks again, Gabriele
8 May, 2017
LindsYoga's picture
Lovely class. I know I am going to be doing this many times over the coming weeks as I travel through the one year anniversary of the last few weeks of life with my Mum. Thank you, just what I need at exactly the right time. Lindsey x
7 May, 2017
amazing yogini's picture
amazing yogini
Thank you Andrew Beautiful calming class. Feel so much grounded
4 May, 2017
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
That was a lovely class, thank you Andrew
4 May, 2017
joyousjulie's picture
Fabulous class Andrew, thank you. So calming, clearing and grounding. I feel balanced connected and open to life.
4 May, 2017
helenml's picture
Thank-youvery much. This is a beautiful class. Very settling.
3 May, 2017
Amazing Claire's picture
Amazing Claire
What a lovely class. So calming and grounding whilst dealing with very painful and sad things. Thank you Andrew, I love your gentle style. :-)
3 May, 2017
kinoe's picture
Thank you so much Andrew for this deeply healing and empowering class. With gratitude and love, Kinoe


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