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healing grief

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Healing grief

18 mins

Healing Grief with Jane Radhika Patel

Welcome to this session of Sacred Sound. Today, you and I are going to challenge ourselves, not just because we are going to sing together - for, as we know so many of us find singing one of life's great challenges, but this time we shall add a new life challenge: we are going to use our newly discovered talent for singing - to heal any sadness or grief we may be feeling - or have felt, due to the passing of someone we love.

So are you up for it? I do hope so! Whatever the reason for joining me today, I know that by the time our session is over, you will feel healed and inspired.

So, let's take a look at the big issue... the niggle at the back of our minds that reminds us that none of us gets out 'of here' (earth) alive!

What I love about the Gita is that it does not have the slightest problem with the idea of human life ending. Why? because ancient Hindu teachings inform us that within us exists THE ATMAN. The Atman is believed to be a hidden gem - not physical but vibrational,- that glows silently within us. We reach inwards for it when we meditate. You know you are resonating with it when you come away from a quiet sitting  feeling a sublime sense of peace and well-being that no amount of bad hair days can flatten! 

The good news is that every single living being on planet earth gets to 'own' the same jewel. Beggar or king, rich or poor, white or brown or in between! Its blissful presence within us is impartial to how 'successful' you are, what language you speak and what religion you do or do not follow. 

The next bit of good news is that when we die, this part of us keeps on vibrating - full of life and very conscious of its aliveness. Only now it is free of the encumbrance of body parts! Now isn't that a refreshing way to look at the scary topic we call 'death'?
So join me today as we sing ourselves back to feeling comfortable with this big fact of life. Use this knowledge to inspire your thoughts and feelings about someone you have lost. This is a time to remember the good things in life. This is an opportunity to reflect on the good times and the love that remains in our hearts as we remember what is important.

In today's session, we shall take a verse from chapter 13 of the Bhagavad Gita - seen here below in Sanskrit and translated. Just as I have done in previous Sacred Sound session, I shall sing the verse to begin with then I shall invite you to join me so that we can sing together.

The Bhagavad Gita - chapter13:18

Jyotish aamapi tajjyoti   -   stamasah para muchyat-e
Jnaanam jneyam jnana gamyam   -   hridi sarvasya vishthitam.

That - the Light of all lights, is beyond darkness; it is said to be knowledge, the Knowable and the goal of all seekers of knowledge, that light is seated in the hearts of all.

Now you can join me as I sing call and answer.

verse 13:18 
Jyotish aamapi tajjyoti - repeat
stamasah para muchyat-e - repeat
Jnaanam jneyam jnana gamyam - repeat
hridi sarvasya vishthitam. - repeat

(we shall sing this three times)

Finally, join me in a visualization -  created to bring you closer to the people in your life that really matter, past and present.

With much love, Radhika. 

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Members' comments:

16 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Lovely Voice.
24 Apr, 2018
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
This session is very lovely.
20 Feb, 2018
kim_davis's picture
Namaste and deep thanks.
19 Feb, 2018
Corinne Durand's picture
Corinne Durand
Beautiful, thank you ❤️


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