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Healthy Back Programme 2

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Healthy Back Programme 2

 -   & 
Ruth Boaler
42 mins

The movement, breath work, relaxation, visualisation and affirmation used in the Healthy Back programme are designed to support you in easing and preventing back pain. 

In Programme 2 of the Healthy Back Programme we are starting to strengthen and tone the muscles of your back. If you have a chronic case of back pain, it's really important that you've anchored and practised the core stability video and Programme 1 before you practice this session. As with Programme 1, if you're short on time, practice the activation, plus one of the other movements. Even doing a little bit of movement daily will dramatically support you in easing your back pain


These mindful movements give you a foundation of flexibility and strength that means you can move with confidence, easing away old pains and discovering a new-found freedom of motion. Beautiful guided relaxations help you harness the full power of your body's healing potential. The guided relaxation will also maximise your ability to decrease stress, realign your muscles, and rebuild strength.


This session includes:

  • Activations
  • Foundation Sequence
  • Cat and Weaving Cat
  • Sphinx
  • Abdominal Strengthening
  • Piriformis Stretch
  • Illiopsoas Stretch and Lying Twist (part 2)
  • Bridge and Diaphragmatic Breath
  • Relaxation


Short on time?

Our clinical trial participants reported dramatic improvements with as little as 10 minutes per day. Their best results were obtained from practising the programme for 8 weeks. Imagine being free of back pain for the rest of your life!

Easing back pain will happen when you take action. You and your back are worth 10 minutes a day!


What’s next?

Remember it’s really important to stretch out your muscles before you tone the back muscles as to ‘strengthen’ an already tight back could cause discomfort or can even increase your pain.

Are you in acute pain?

This programme is not designed for those who have an acute or undiagnosed pain. Please check with your yoga therapist or health professional if this programme will be safe and beneficial for you. If in doubt why not use the guided relaxation to help you relax and tune in to your body and mind.

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Members' comments:

14 Aug, 2023's picture
Great class thank you
23 Nov, 2020
Patti150's picture
Excellent sequence! I gain more from it each time I do it. I'm aware of my back becoming stronger, but also with less tension.
11 Feb, 2019
SylviaC's picture
I have had uneven hips from muscular imbalance for a really long time. I use my yoga practice to manage it. I have started using these two Back Care classes and have found them to be very helpful indeed. Even though I'm a Dru teacher, I'm finding it really enjoyable to follow along with the videos - they've become part of my self care routine now. Thanks heaps!
30 Jan, 2019's picture
I really enjoyed the pace of this class and I find the music very uplifting and energising, both really suit my personal style of yoga. I can see how maybe someone completely new may find this a lot to take in but do persevere - its so worth it! Ideally this class is best practised regularly so after a few times you really start to remember the movements and teaching points.
22 Jan, 2019's picture
A fantastic deep, mindful and effective programm for everyone who loves his or her back Jivan
1 Jan, 2019
justhhh's picture
I found the content of the class was helpful. However, I was not happy with the way the material was presented as it seemed too rushed by trying to cram too many teaching tips into the time available, and the music was far from soothing but somewhat agitating.


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