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Hip Release

31 mins

This class is a fast-paced and challenging series of movements which focus on the lower body and creating  strength in our muscles, flexibility and openness in the hips, as well as challenging our balance in parts.
Please take your time as you work through it and take breaks if needed.

Part 1
We begin lying down, by creating space in the hip joint and balancing out areas that may become tight from excessive sitting or poor posture with a series of opening and twisting movements. This is followed by a series of standing stretches for the hips.

Part 2
For the second part of the class, we begin to engage the whole body, utilising a variety of flowing movements to create heat and energy from within. We build on increasingly challenging levels of a lower-body focused sequence, with options for different levels of difficulty throughout. Poses include runner, pigeon pose, chair of the heart, and downward dog.

We then end the class with a final relaxation where we will ground the energy we have generated and bathe in the warm glow of accomplishment (and maybe a bit of sweat too!).

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Members' comments:

3 Sep, 2023
willemijn's picture
Super ‘lekkere’ lesson for this sunday morning. Thanks
4 Sep, 2023
annie jones's picture
annie jones
Thank you Willemijn - I will let Radha know you enjoyed her class.


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