Introduction to Ayurveda

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Introduction to Ayurveda

6 mins

Ayurveda is often considered the sister science to yoga and is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. 

It is based on three main Ayurvedic body types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Each person is made up of a predominant 'type' (dosha) - vata, pitta or kapha. Throughout this series of three classes, Nanna will introduce you to the concept of 'dosha' dedicating each class to Vata, Pitta and Kapha respectively. She will briefly explain what a 'dosha' is and go on to explain how all of us need to balance these 'doshas' at different times of the day, month and life time, if we are to experience full health.

So what 'dosha' or personality type are you? Do you recognise yourself in any of the following:

Vata is expressed as the element air. When in balance, a vata personality type is outgoing, friendly and creative. When not in balance a vata exhibits signs of stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed.

Pitta is expressed as the element of fire.  When in balance, a pitta personality type is dynamic, hard working and efficient. When not in balance he or she can feel angry, reactive and irritable.

Kapha is expressed as the elements of earth & water. A kapha personality type when in balance is steady, loyal and calm. When out of balance, he or she is prone to be lazy and unmotivated, with a tendancy to seek comfort by overeating, hence tend to be overweight.


Do the Ayurvedic questionnaire below to discover your Ayurvedic body type. Find out if you are:

  • Vata - the 'air' body/personality type
  • Pitta - the 'fire' body/personality type
  • Kapha - the 'earth & water' body/personality type

Yoga for your Ayurvedic body type - Vata 
 A Vata personality is outgoing, friendly and creative. When not in balance they can be stressed, anxious, overwhelmed. They can suffer from conditions such as insomnia, joint pain and brain fog. In this class we are going to reduce your vata and help create a calm, grounded state of mind and body. Be prepared to feel totally nurtured.


Yoga for your Ayurvedic body type - Pitta 

Pitta types are dynamic, high achieving people who like to live life in the fast lane.  In this session, Nanna Coppens will guide you through movements and postures that will bring you into the present - learn to totally relax and let go of the to-do list as  you experience the calming and balancing effect of the class.


Yoga for your Ayurvedic body type - Kapha 
Let’s get you moving! A kapha  type is grounded, loyal, steady, compassionate and reliable. Out of balance, he or she feels low motivation and can lack enthusiasm and drive.  Join Nanna in this dynamic yet healing class that will be sure to mobilise your circulation and lymphatic system. Use this class to ignite your energy levels and have some fun!




Ayurveda Health Questionnaire

So that  you can discover for yourself what 'dosha' or personality type you are, we have prepared a questionnaire for you to complete. Tick only the description that is most applicable to you.  Some of the descriptions include more than one trait; if any or most of the traits listed in a particular line are yours, tick that box as well. 


Body frame, bone structure:
(V) slight, thin, delicate

(P) moderate, medium sized

(K) broad, strong, heavy

Body weight:
(V) light, lean, erratic weight, or difficult to gain

(P) moderate weight, strong metabolism

(K) extra pounds, must work hard to lose weight

(V) naturally dark; tans easily

(P) light, pinkish, fair, yellowish, or freckled

(K) even tones, with a rich, smooth, or milky quality

Skin type:
(V) dry, rough, uneven or combination skin, chapped, cold

(P) sensitive, burns easily, red patches or moles, oily

(K) thick, soft, moist, cool

(V) dry, rough, tends to break, curly, frizzy

(P) light coloured, red, early grey; thinning or fine

(K) thick, lustrous, oily
(V) small, dark coloured; flitting gaze

(P) medium sized, light or pale coloured; "fiery" or sharp, penetrating gaze

(K) large, rich blue or brown; watery gaze

Temperature preference:
(V) cold, loves warmth

(P) easily overheated, prefer cool climates

(K) not disturbed by cold or heat, but prefer warm weather

(V) variable, irregular, eyes bigger than stomach

(P) good, regular appetite; irritable or heartburn when overly hungry

(K) hearty appetite, may emotionally overeat

Digestion and evacuation:
(V) variable, irregular; constipation

(P) regular to fast; burning sensations in the digestive tract

(K) regular, slow

Physical activity/energy level:
(V) very active, extreme ups and downs, restless

(P) moderate, even, focused, well paced

(K) lethargic, hard to get going; good endurance

(V) restless, short, variable

(P) moderate, sound

(K) heavy, sound

Mental disposition:
(V) restless, active, creative

(P) focused, aggressive, intelligent

(K) calm, stoic; good long term memory

General disposition:
(V) cheerful, adaptive, spacey, changeable

(P) clearheaded, practical, logical, asserted

(K) calm, patient, serious, passive

Emotional disposition (your dominant negative emotions):
(V) fearful, insecure, anxious

(P) frustrated, irritable, jealous

(K) attachment, grief

Speech style:
(V) fast, variable tones; jumps from idea to idea; talks  a lot 

(P) focused; even or impatient tones; concise, logical; talks moderately

(K) slow, monotones, talks little

Movement style:
(V) quick, walks on air, everywhere at once

(P) well paced, direct, moves from point A to B

(K) slower, moves as little as possible, flowing movement

Number of Vata:
Number of Pitta:
Number of Kapha:

Well done! So, now that you have a clearer idea of what dosha you are, why not join Nanna for the right class for you. Enjoy!


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Members' comments:


22 Jan, 2018
JanineR's picture
hello my score was 7 pitta and 7 vata could you please let me know what class would be good for me. I was also hoping to choose food that will support me is should I incorporate both pitta and vata foods in my diet.thank you
28 Apr, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi ChristinaM, yes both of these classes would be beneficial for you. Enjoy them both!
23 Apr, 2016's picture
Hello, I have Vata 7, Pitta 6, Kapha 2. would both Vata and Pitta classes be good for me.
10 Apr, 2016
dickkocken's picture
I have 1xV, 5xP and 10xK. What does that tell me?
5 Apr, 2016
JuliaS's picture
Pitta 8, Vata 4, Kapha 4
24 Mar, 2016
Hypnotic Hooper's picture
Hypnotic Hooper
14 Vata as to be expected. I look forward to doing the sessions x
7 Feb, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Deesong, The vata class is especially good if you're ever a little ungrounded, anxious or stressed. All of us have a mixture of the 3 main doshas (imbalances) however, the predominant one can vary according to the time of day, your mood/ cirumstances or even the season.
4 Feb, 2016
Deesong's picture
I had 4 Vata, 4 Pitta and 6 Kapha...will this session be good for me??
3 Feb, 2016
juliescarff's picture
Done several of these questionaires before and never had a clear outcome. This was brilliant and clearly indicated a vata type (12 Vata's). Looking forward to trying the Vata class now :)
31 Jan, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Herma, This basically means you have a high Pitta score - so your body/personality type is more towards the detailed, firey, warm and fast moving. The pitta class (released on 1st March) will be perfect for you.
31 Jan, 2016
hermaS's picture
What is this telling me 10xP 3xV 3xK Hope to get advise Thank you

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