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Introduction to Patanjali

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Introduction to Patanjali

10 mins

In this short introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Chandra shares with us some of the Sanskrit translation of the first line of the first sloka which sets the whole energy of this ancient yogic text.

Atha Yoganu Shasanam
Now begins the sacred instruction of yoga

Atha - Now, at this auspicious moment
This word, right at the start indicates the preparation needed to be ready - like you’d turn up to school with your books and everything needed for your day of study.

Yoga - Union
Yoga is about unifying our mind, body, energy and emotions together so we can think and act from a place of alignment. This is crucial for how we respond to our lives (rather than react to things that happen to us).

Anu Shasanam - Sacred Instruction
To follow the sacred tradition of training and teaching, indicating that to study means we will need a willingness to learn and discipline as well as a reverence and respect for the knowledge we receive.

This text is the beginning of a great work to guide us in the tradition of Yoga, which he sets out as 8 main steps called the 8 limbs of yoga (ashtanga). Through these simple words he asks us to be present, settled and have an attitude of reverence so you can receive the sacred knowledge of yoga.

Now that we're ready to begin - watch the summary of the 8 limbs of yoga here:

8 limbs of Patanjali

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Members' comments:

20 Sep, 2020
Julia Miller's picture
Julia Miller
Thank you Chandra. I have just begun to delve deeper into the sutras and this is very helpful.
22 Sep, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Julia Yes, this a fun way to delve deeper with someone to show the way. You will love Chandra's approach to yogic philosophy.
23 Sep, 2020
Julia Miller's picture
Julia Miller
Thanks Padma x
3 Dec, 2017
JosephineP's picture
This is wonderful thankyou so much.
22 Nov, 2017
Mona Fairholme's picture
Mona Fairholme
Lovely introduction Chandra Thank you


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