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pre-natal yoga with Jenni Jones

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Introduction to pre-natal yoga

6 mins

In this introduction video, Jenni talks us through the many benefits to be had in yoga during pregnancy.

Sitting on a swing hanging from a ‘love tree’, this is the perfect choice for encouraging us mum’s to be, into action. By joining Jenni’s classes on the Studio, you will be enjoying some deep breathing to increase energy levels; for simple controlled movements for pelvic stability and mobility; and to experience an increase in oxytocin levels, a hormone to stimulate genuine feelings of happiness, intimacy and love.

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Members' comments:

12 Mar, 2020's picture
Hi Jenni, great to meet you on-line! So lovely to see you swinging & smiling under the Love Tree!!! A perfect introduction to all the goodies that prenatal yoga can do for a mum, her baby to keep that gorgeous love drug 'oxytocin' flowing. I encourage every pregnant mum to try a Dru Pregnancy Yoga class and taste the benefits :)


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