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Keep your practice together

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Keeping your practice together

3 mins

Do you ever struggle with keeping your yoga or meditation practice together?

In this short video Jane shares her top tips to help us transform our practice into something as essential as brushing your teeth! 

1. Start by doing something... anything!!! Even just rolling out the mat or lighting the candle can get you started.
2. Incorporate your practice into your daily routine. Find something you love and have that as a reward for doing your practice. 
3. Beware the good times... Sometimes when all is going well it's harder to commit. So try something like dedication - a bigger reason why you should do your practice.

How do you keep your practice strong? Share in the comments below!

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Members' comments:

28 Jul, 2020
Mona Fairholme's picture
Mona Fairholme
That's so helpful for me and to share with others Jane. Thank you and you are looking gorgeousxx Monax


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