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Making the Right Choices

17 mins

In this video, Rita talks about how to make the best choices in your life to come into alignment with your inner karma. Meditation helps us to connect with the deepest part of ourselves, it’s also how to not let our ego get in the way of who we truly are.

When facing a choice, ask yourself which one will bring you the greatest amount of peace. This will help you to come into alignment with your inner karma. Your feelings are connected with your heart centre. Therefore, when you ask which choice will bring you peace, you are attuning with your emotional body. This simple pause, and question, ensures that you will be in alignment with the universal flow. Your soul is a compass and will always guide you.

In this overstimulated world, the pathway is to go more silent to find what is within ourselves - our higher Self. The heart of silent sitting is a way to increase your focus and concentration to find a deeper stillness. Meditation is a very important pathway to connecting the deepest part of yourself.

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Members' comments:

20 Mar, 2022
Joli44's picture
Thank you Rita. Some things you say are thought provoking..and others immediately resonate. Nameste
17 Mar, 2022
MartinR's picture
Thank you Rita, I have from time to time explored the “ who am I “ question, yet never could got off the ground… “Awareness’ yes that’s put me on the launch pad I got somewhere to go with that. Wonderful talk.
16 Mar, 2022
Dinta Patel's picture
Dinta Patel
Thank you Rita. Thank you for sharing this beautiful wisdom. Namaste.
16 Mar, 2022
colin0205's picture
Thank you Master Rita .So are suck a wise and wonderful person.Om Shanti Much love and Light to you. Love Colin


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