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Meditation - Still Your Body and Mind

24 mins

Simple, short, effective techniques to leave you feeling chilled out and happy.

In this complete Dru Yoga and Meditation class you will enjoy stretching your body with activations including the Standing Cat and the Forward Bend (Padahastasana).

Jane will then help you to select the right sitting posture for you – either on a chair on the floor. You'll learn how to align your body to make sure that you’re comfortable yet alert and then will learn a simple but effective meditation technique to release stress, based on the breath. This meditation will help you keep alert yet relaxed at the same time, and will help keep your mind still and stress-free.


Meditation class contents

Activation and body prep

A simple yet effective activation to bring fresh life into your body and prepare your body for meditation. Begin with some dynamic arm swings…

… then standing cat…

… stage 1 spinal stretch (from EBR2)…

… and standing forward bend.

How to sit

If you’ve tried to meditate in the past and found it difficult or uncomfortable, chances are that you could have been sitting incorrectly. Jane explains how to sit for optimum comfort and concentration, both on the floor and in a chair.


Enjoy an essential meditation for bringing stillness and calmness to your body and mind. Find the perfect balance between alertness and relaxation.

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Members' comments:

25 Apr, 2023
monMONN's picture
Thank you Jane, it is a joy to return "to the basics" and re discover the immense sense of empowerment present as I began my meditation journey. With Heartfelt Gratitude
4 Feb, 2020
Sandy's picture
Very well explained and invaluable for people starting to meditate. Thanks, Jane
5 Aug, 2018's picture
Love this. Introduced into class and at home with my son. Will fit into the working day with colleagues easily too. Much appreciated.


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