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Meditations for Success - Part 2

47 mins

Part 2 - Potent meditations to supercharge your manifestation - with Andrew Wells and Jacqueline Carlin

The art of manifestation is a facinating science - an exploration of who you are and what you really want in your heart. Its something that has been well popularised in recent years with books and films such as 'The Secret'. However, there is more!

Are you too busy to meditate? We start by showing you how to fill your day with meditation - even in the busiest and most intense life situations.

From there, Andrew and Jacqueline continue from Part 1 by showing you the staggering power available for your manifestation when you are aligned with the larger picture of the unfolding universe.

We'll use the magnificent Expanding the Frame meditation to put you back into the centre of your life - wholly aligned with the world around you. 

The mini-meditation techniques we explore in the two parts of this workshop will help you:

>  boost self esteem

>  transform emotions

>  create a calm clear mind

>  release stress

>  and enhance your ability to achieve your goals

This workshop does practices from Dru's online meditation course. Discover them live!


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About the Ignite your Dreams tour

In October and November 2014 Dru hosted two fantastic events in Australia as part of an international tour. With delegates attending from across Australasia it was a great reason to come together, learn and explore the breadth and depth of Dru Yoga and meditation. Bringing together our top international tutors, experienced yoga teachers, students and 'newbies' to yoga these events were a catalyst for positive change for all who attended. We wanted to share these workshops with you here at Dru Yoga Online because we know how valuable these techniques are if we are serious about living a life of peace in our selves and with the people around us.

We hope you enjoy experiencing some of the magic from these events in these live recordings.

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Members' comments:

9 Jan, 2019
joyousjulie's picture
Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Very powerful and very true. Thank you .


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