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Rika Dru Dance - Ode to the Earth

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Ode to the Earth

25 mins

Dru Dance is a beautiful fusion of yoga and dance. Often following a theme or energetic flow, these dances can bring a deeper sense of connection to your self and the world around you - and this Dru Dance does just that!

The Ode to the Earth has been specifically choreographed to help you to attune to the elements and the beauty of nature around us, it is flowing, graceful and powerful. Tune in to postures you know like the warrior and tree - with a difference... Bring in the mudras of the lotus and praying hands to bring focus and reverence to your practice. This class includes:

  • Flow-ins
    Flow-ins are activation movements to help you warm up and prepare for certain movements in the Dance.
  • Phrases of the Dance
    Break down the Dance and learn it in small sections. Link them together as you learn to anchor each phrase in turn.
  • Full Dance
    Enjoy the whole Dance as a flow. Once you've learnt it, why not practice this flow in your garden or out on your daily walk to tune in to the elements of nature and holding a sense of gratitude and reverence for nature.
  • Cool-down and child pose
    Complete the class with a simple movement to stretch out and release any muscular tension. Then relax with a simple child pose to ground and connect with the earth element.

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Members' comments:

25 Jun, 2023
KathyField's picture
Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful Ode to Earth sequence- would love more videos like this and any chance of some Dru Dance masterclasses or CPD please? Om shanti Kathy
23 Oct, 2022
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
My first time trying Dru Dance on line. Absolutely loved it - thank you Rita! :)
8 Jul, 2022
Relax60's picture
My first dru yoga and I loved it!
26 Apr, 2022
JuliaS's picture
I loved this sequence Dance. Can you please spell the dolphin mudra for me please
19 Nov, 2021
Adrienne-007's picture
So, so beautiful and a joy to practice (or to attempt in any case). Thank you!
16 Aug, 2021
DebbieY's picture
Thank you so much, this is beautiful.
9 Apr, 2021
sarahcroft's picture
Absolutley love this! Beautifully taught. Can't wait to keep working with it.Thank you Rika.
2 Dec, 2020
Carole in Suffolk's picture
Carole in Suffolk
I love it! Looking forward to practicing this again and again to see what magic it works on the Koshas.
7 Nov, 2020
Joannaca6's picture
Thank you so much Rika, I really like this dance - the movements interpreting nature and the symbolism of honouring the earth. You teach beautifully and dance so well, thank you. Yes, Padma, I intend to learn it by heart and memory to practice anywhere, particularly outdoors in nature of course.
31 Aug, 2020
UnaC's picture
I loved that! Thank you for creating such a beautiful Dru dance, incorporating one of my favourite mudras, the lotus mudra. A go-to sequence for sure thanking Mother Earth for protecting us. Xxx Namaste
1 Sep, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hello Una Thanks for your comments. Sound like this sequence with Rika is one for you to practice often enough to commit the moves to memory so you can practice it anywhere, anytime. Namaste Padma
23 Jan, 2020
campbellinglis@icloud.com's picture
Wow....awesome....might try this as a slow flow sequence.....thank you
21 Apr, 2019
NikkiS's picture
Hello! My first experience of a Dru Dance sequence ad I just loved it! Thank you very much Rika, lovely teaching style and now can't wait to learn more :) xx
23 Jan, 2019
meggie moon's picture
meggie moon
Loved this thank you Rika. Beautiful sequence & I love your pace & teaching style.
20 Nov, 2018
Jaspeen's picture
love this sequence I first encountered it at the yoga show this year with Christianne and loved it - thank you Rika for explaining it so beautifully too.
15 Aug, 2018
charlottemay@talktalk.net's picture
Dear Rika, it's lovely to see you back and to be taught by you again. Thank you for a beautiful dance. Do you do dance weekends in the Netherlands in English or in the UK? Please would you let me know the sound track for the dance. Love Charlotte May
4 Jun, 2018
Ontmoettilly@gmail.com's picture
A Beautiful ODE Thanks. Which music Did you use?
14 Apr, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
I loved it all and will come back to this lovely graceful, flowing dance. Thank you, Rika!
1 Apr, 2018
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Rika. That was so beautifully taught. The flow ins work really well to introduce the whole sequence...Love it xx
25 Dec, 2017
jane.benn's picture
Thank you Rika. It's a really lovely sequence and like all Dru Dance it expands my heart, tunes my body and increases my awareness- in this case, of Mother Earth. What a beautiful way to give reverence to her!
1 Dec, 2017
m.smith108's picture
Thank you Rika for teaching this so beautifully and breaking it down so well. It made me remember how much I love Dru dance.xx
12 Nov, 2017
Joannaca6's picture
After the “wiping the slate clean” sweeping movements with the matsa mudra at the end, I seem to need to bring my hands and arms up the midline above my head into the lotus mudra again at the end and then bring hands down to namaste - does this negate the whole sequence?! I’m going into the garden now to practise, thank you again Rika.
12 Nov, 2017
Joannaca6's picture
I love this dance, thank you very much for teaching it so well that I think I can do and remember it easily. I like the matsa fish mudra and the way you have integrated movement down through water, up into the air and to and from the earth incorporating movements, postures and mudras. Please could you create one for each of the seasons?! Thank you very much Joanna
10 Nov, 2017
EmmaHT's picture
Thank you, I really enjoyed the sequence, beautifully taught and exactly what I needed today.
7 Nov, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hey everyone, thanks for your great comments - we're so looking forward to more Dru Dance from Rika - and also a whole section on women's health which is another area of Rika's expertise :-)
5 Nov, 2017
Lynn Overington-Hickford's picture
Lynn Overington...
Wonderful sequence and so well taught, I found it easy to follow the way you did it. I now feel very grounded and energised. Thank you. xx
5 Nov, 2017
Clairephysioyoga's picture
Love this flow
3 Nov, 2017
Jennikirkwood's picture
Rika a beautiful dance - thank you so much for your gentle and inspiring teaching. Jx
3 Nov, 2017
Jo's picture
Amazing, love this! Thank you Rika xx
2 Nov, 2017
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Beautiful, lovely to practice yoga as a flow in dance, thank you.
2 Nov, 2017
AnneSmale's picture
Wonderful to see you back in Dru Dance action Rika. I know you haven't actually been away as such, but it warms my heart to see you on video with your beautiful Dru Dances again.
1 Nov, 2017
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Absolutely beautiful, thank you Rika xxx
31 Oct, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
So looking forward to this class - I've had a sneak peak and it's incredible! A fantastic combination of flow, grace, power, strength and reverence for Mother Earth. :-) Thank you Rika - and welcome to the Studio!


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