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Power Flow

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Power Flow

34 mins

This exciting posture based flow is part of a series designed exclusively for the Studio to give you even more flow, grace and breath awareness through your posture practice.

This class “Power Flow” combines strong back bends (the camel and the bow) with a new posture on the studio - Ardha Chandasana - the half moon pose. The postures in this class are easily modified to your level and are staged too support your development and assist you getting into and staying in the poses with ease.

*** There is no relaxation at the end of this class. When you have completed today’s yoga session please choose one of the relaxations in the “other classes you may enjoy” at the bottom of the page to complete your practice. ***


  • shoulder mobilization & side stretch
  • sitting forward bend
  • adductor stretch
  • runner stretch (illiopsoas) & hamstring stretch 
  • pectoral stretch - you can use a strap if you wish

Body Preps 

Staged quad stretch to prepare for camel pose.

The Power Flow sequence - step by step

1. Camel Flow

  • Stage 1 - flow from upward kneeling into child and back to kneeling
  • Stage 2 - place hands in the lower back and lean back slightly
  • Stage 3 - tuck under the toes and grasp the heels of your feet
  • Stage 4 - with feet flat on the floor take hold of your heels.
  • Counter pose - child pose

2. Cat and bow

Mobilise the spine with the cat. When ready, extend one leg behind you and bend at the knee. Take hold of your foot with the opposite hand. To extend the stretch, push the foot into your hand and create space between the calf and thigh. Raise the head and create a beautiful strong back bend through your back. Please be careful not to hyper-extend the lordosis of your lower spine. You may need to use a strap or sock to help you reach your foot when you first attempt this posture. Counter pose with the child.

3. 3-legged dog with side stretch

From all-fours raise the hips into dog pose. Raise one leg up and behind you - sacrum is level. 

Then bend the knee of the raised leg and open the front of your hip to the side as the foot and lower leg extend away from you. Feel the strengthening of the gluteals and the deep stretch through the intercostal muscles.

4. Ardha-Chandasana

From a simple standing forward bend, turn the toes of your right leg slightly inward towards the central line. Lift your left leg out behind you - parallel to the floor. You may need a block under your hand for stability. When you feel balanced, raise your left arm up towards the ceiling. If you feel wobbly, keep the hand tucked in to your shoulder. Gradually build up to staying in this posture for 3 full deep breaths. 

This posture strongly tones the gluteal muscles, opens the side of the body and challenges your mind and body in a balance pose too. It also helps to develop your ankle stability, stretches the adductor muscles in the groin and develops your core stability muscles. 

5. Relaxation
Please complete your yoga session with a relaxation. 

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Members' comments:

1 Jan, 2024
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Loved this sequence. Strong with beautiful flow. Thank you.
5 Jun, 2019
cat's picture
Love this. Going to really have to practice Ardha-Chandasana though!! Only bit missing for me is not doing the sequence at the end and having to return to the beginning and do it with the silent demo. And having to do my own relaxation!!
23 Jan, 2019
Trixi Field's picture
Trixi Field
An Excellent class, Anouschka, enjoyable and challenging. I've been working with backbends with my more experienced class, so this is a lovely, challenging yet elegant sequence to work towards. One thing I've had to work with personally, however, is a knee that can't bend fully, and so simple kneeling and the child pose can be a challenge. To help, I've been using a home-made wide wedge and a home-made "mushroom" cushion (two blocks glued together, with a wider thick sponge glued on top for extra height and to soften the edges against the inner thigh). Cushions can help but they can also be a bit slippery, hence the need to get a bit creative with the blocks and wedges. Am still working on how to bring the wedge and the mushroom in and out of the stretches in a graceful manner! Still, hoping that this might be useful for anyone who wants to enjoy this beautiful sequence but who also has an angularly-challenged knee.
22 Jan, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
Absolutely amazing class - strong and powerful but with such grace and inner peace. Really loved this...more please!
15 Jan, 2019
Sylvie More@gmail.com's picture
Sylvie More@gma...
You are such a wonderful teacher Anoushka! Loved how beautifully you taught this class. Thank you!
24 Sep, 2018
sdashworth1970's picture
Love this class! Thank you.
19 Sep, 2018
Sue Penning's picture
Sue Penning
Hi, I have only just found this class,camel etc have never been my favourites, but this session is great. Thank you.
13 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone - so glad you're enjoying these classes - they work so well as a posture based flow o get you moving, stretching and focusing with strength AND grace. More coming soon...
12 May, 2018
Jo's picture
Wow this is amazing, thank you Anouschka and Ayla, love Jo xx
24 Mar, 2018
Mickey Baliakas's picture
Mickey Baliakas
Anoushka, really enjoying the classes you are putting in the studio. Have found that I can take sections and add to my softer classes and also stronger classes. Really feels like I am adding a bit of spice to my lessons, especially as I have now been teaching for so many years. and my students are loving it !! Thanks so much and look forward to future additions. Mickey, Santorini.
19 Mar, 2018
Mona Fairholme's picture
Mona Fairholme
Brilliant Ayla and Anouschka Thank you beautifully presented and demonstrated. ;-)
19 Mar, 2018
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Brilliant class ! Loved the body preps, I will be trying this soon, Ayla demonstrated it beautifully and Anoushka led us through it giving options for modifications, thank you x
19 Mar, 2018
Shahn's picture
Wonderful class :) Beautifully demonstrated by Ayla and beautifully and clearly instructed by Anouschka. Great to have new postures and new sequences included on the on-line Studio. Thank you xxx
18 Mar, 2018
raphkevdweide's picture
thanks great class. I really like the body preps, great inspiration, sitting on the floor is giving an other dimension, also the quadriceps stretch, and stretch via the runner. Super! Nice variation which I can use I my class. Great job done Anoushka and Ayla, highly appreciated!
17 Mar, 2018
SylviaC's picture
Hi Anoushka and Ayla, I'm really loving these stronger more challenging classes lately. Great to have the variety on the on-line studio. Many thanks, Sylvia :)


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