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Jenni Jones - pre-natal yoga

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Pre-natal relaxation

12 mins

In this video, Jenni takes us through a guided relaxation process, which will not only help you to relax better, and feel more in control, but if you practice this on a regular basis, you are more likely to notice when you are not feeling as calm and connected.

Jenni gives helpful tips, like which is the best side to lie on, where to place cushioning, and importantly, how to breathe for best results, which is so relevant.  She suggests experiencing this as a soft, warm, wave surrounding your baby in the womb. This lovely connection between yourself and your baby’s presence, and a quiet and still space around you can lead to beautiful, cherished moments.

Jenni closes her guided relaxation with suggestions of light, touching and nourishing your skin, your cells, your breath, and offering protection for you both. See this relaxation as a gift to yourself and your baby, to deepen each moment of motherhood and your connection to mother earth and life within.

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Members' comments:

22 Mar, 2020's picture
It was lovely to feel your enthusiasm & peace Jenni. I pretended to be pregnant & you took me to a deep place very quickly. Gorgeous! :)


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