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Quick fix series - de-stress

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Quick Fix Series - De-stress

30 mins

In this great class, join Christiane to discover the power of simple movement and breath work to calm, focus and re-energise. Enjoy these simple movements to stretch the body, preparing you for a fantastic day.


  • arm sweeps
  • fearless flight
  • cross activation 

EBR 2 
This sequence focuses on removing tension and deep tiredness from the upper body. When we feel stress we tighten our shoulders and neck and tend to take shallow breaths, gradually feeling more and more drained as our body is starved of rich oxygenating breath.

Join Christiane as she gently twists and squeezes deep tiredness out of the body. Take a deep breath, in fact take as many as you like, and allow yourself to breathe out physical and mental worries. To complete the class Christiane guides you through a short 5 minute relaxation in Makarasana.

Give yourself a gift today, place yourself in the present!

>   Learn more about Energy Block Release sequences.

Safety guidelines:

  • From a forward bend, engage your core and soften your knees as you rise, be conscious of your lower back.
  • If you find the squat uncomfortable, place the knee on the floor and extend the leg to the side.



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Members' comments:

31 Mar, 2023
ValO1961's picture
Great class - thank you!
8 Jan, 2023
Fiona T.'s picture
Fiona T.
Lovely class. Thank you Christiane.
28 Jun, 2022
Jeannie's picture
Thank you, perfect pace for me this morning. Just what I needed. Feel so settled
10 Aug, 2021
61Cassie's picture
Enjoyed the movement of energy and the coordination with the breath. Wonderful x
9 Aug, 2021
Yoga with L's picture
Yoga with L
Thank you Christiane I really enjoyed this short session. I liked how you explained drawing in the shoulder blades at the back while doing the arm rotations! Lian
4 Jun, 2021's picture
Thank you Christiane for another beautiful and relaxing class, I felt very nourished and relaxed after your gently paced teaching x
22 Jun, 2020
Teddy28's picture
Thank you,really enjoyed this short class
16 Jun, 2020
heathertom's picture
Thank you for a wonderful class. I feel very grounded and peaceful. Heather in Melbourne , Australia.
1 Apr, 2020
Hgibson's picture
Thank you and Namaste
30 Mar, 2020
NJ-DRUYG's picture
Thank you Christine, for a lovely restorative, much needed, class which I’ll definitely be revisiting regularly x
14 Mar, 2020
LynneC's picture
Thank you Christiane a beautiful, calming class.
27 Aug, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Beautiful, Christiane, thank you for lifting my energy!
11 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks everyone for your comments - yes - we love Christiane's teaching too! Check out some of her other classes here:
9 May, 2018
GreenTara18's picture
I love your manner of teaching so well paced and clear Thank You
29 Aug, 2017
sdashworth1970's picture
Really beautiful, nurturing class. Lovely way to start my day. Thank you. Sara
23 Aug, 2017's picture
Beautifully guided, thank you Christiane! x
29 May, 2017
Nicky's picture
Thank you Christiane feel so relaxed now :-)
20 Jan, 2017
joyousjulie's picture
Lovely class thank you Christiana
20 Jan, 2017
yulia's picture
thank you so much for this lovely gentle sequence Christiane it made me feel very calm
15 Nov, 2016's picture
Thanks Christiane just what i needed after a long drive! Nice x
5 Nov, 2016
juliemolyneux's picture
Perfect to start my day in the right way. More of this length of class please. Thank you.
1 Nov, 2016
cookie's picture
Thank you Christiane, what a lovely effective quick de-stress that was! Just what I needed...Sharon x
29 Oct, 2016
raphkevdweide's picture
Dear Christaine, I really enjoyed being with you again, with this lovely destress class. It gives EBR2 a complete new insite. Thanks Raphke
22 Oct, 2016
NikkiM's picture
a lovely quick stretch and relax..just what I need when time is short. Thank you xx
5 Oct, 2016's picture
Love this class Christiane, especially great when you have not got time for a longer practice. Thank you xx
4 Oct, 2016's picture
Thanks for this.....always useful to revisit activations that I have not used for a while.


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