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Rehab Yoga

39 mins

In this class we will become much more aware of the movements of our bodies and how we may be holding ourselves in certain ways that may, or may not, be beneficial for our muscles and joints. 

This awareful and nurturing class is perfect for anyone who is recovering from a back, neck or musculoskeletal condition especially if you're looking to move more confidently after injury or if you have a medical condition that will benefit from a gentle stretching and movement programme. However, please do check with your doctor or medical practitioner to see  if this guided movement programme will be of benefit for you. Please be aware that this class is not designed for you if you're currently in acute pain.

Although this class contains traditional yoga postures and some fantastic muscle stretches, it is designed for use within the NHS physio department as a way to support people on waiting lists who are awaiting physiotherapy intervention. So, it is important that, as with any physical exercise class, you only stretch as far as feels comfortable for you today. As you will see, these movements are ideal as a preventative as well as a rehabilitation. 

It is vital that we invest quality time into putting ourselves, and our healing, first. These simple yet effective movements will help our bodies to stay strong and healthy so that we are able to not just function, but also flourish. 

This class contains:

1. Activation
Warm up and prepare your body for the class with these great movements.

  • dynamic twist
  • skiing
  • figure of eight
  • calf stretch

2. Earth sequence
This grounding and calming movement sequence naturally brings our breath into a calm and stable rhythm. This not only allows us to feel our awareful movement physically, but also helps us to calm and centre our mind and emotions. Tune into the element of Earth to enable you to feel present in this moment. Define a sense of spaciousness around you both physically and emotionally and mentally.

3. Energy Block Release 1

In this wonderful Dru Yoga sequence we will be exploring the four main ways that we can move our spine. Forwards, backwards, side ways and twist. When we practice these movements on a regular basis we have the opportunity to prevent back pain and support the muscle balance in our back. This sequence is excellent for helping us to break through any initial inertia within our yoga practice by gently moving and warming up all the muscles of the body.

4. Postures and Stretches

  • Bhima – this lateral stretch helps us to feel empowered, strengthens the quads and core and helps our balance.
  • Reverse warrior – this pose opens the rib cage, drawing fresh air deep into the lung, thereby increasing oxygen levels and helping us feel empowered and strong. A gentle backward bend compresses and releases the spinal discs and opens the front of the body. A gentle stretch to the iliopsoas and front of the hip is also beneficial.
  • Cat Pose – this posture is excellent for increasing the segmental mobility of the spine. It is extremely beneficial to gently stretch the back muscles as well as tone the abdomen and core.
  • Child's pose – Lengthen and stretch out the long muscles along your back. Lying single leg stretch – gently stretch out the iliopsoas and iliacus muscles which can often get tight particularly in those who do a lot of driving or work many hours sitting at a desk.
  • Lying twist – stretch the area of the sacrum and lower back by moving the knees to one side and head to the other. This simple lying twist is an excellent way to use gently stretch the deep muscles of the spine and lower back as well as bring a fresh supply of oxygen to the muscles around the spinal column.
  • Piriformis stretch – this deep muscle in the buttock can cause all sorts of referred pain especially down through the sciatic nerve and locally within the hip, gluteal and sacral area. This stretch is an important way for you to ease and prevent back pain.
  • Spinal rocking – the first part of the bridge pose helps us to activate and rebalance all the core muscles as well as segmentally mobilising the lower part of the spine. The increased awareness of this area can help us to move better as we train our muscles to work more effectively.

5. Relaxation

Taking time at the end of the class to relax is vital in allowing your body to adjust and settle from the exercise programme. Just a few short minutes to lie comfortably will not only support your physical body, but also create space and calmness for your mind and emotions as well.


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Members' comments:

4 Aug, 2023
KathyField's picture
Thank you Ruth - I find myself returning to this class often and find it really calming, and releasing especially when my muscles and fascia become tight after a long time standing or walking. I love the easy flow between movements and the integration of some of my favourite Dru sequences. Namaste
23 Oct, 2022
Liz 123's picture
Liz 123
love ,love ,love this and bring it into my own class , always receive such positive feedback Thank you
6 Apr, 2022's picture
A beautifully created class, thank you Ruth
25 Jan, 2022
Mary Comino's picture
Mary Comino
Thanks Ruth - I really liked the connected way in which the movements flowed. A very relaxing class.
22 Jan, 2022
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Ruth. Such a beautifully put together class for easing my students back into classes after I have taken a 5 week break for a bit of time out.
9 Nov, 2021
61Cassie's picture
Beautiful movements, postures, breath. This is a lovely flow, grounding and balancing, I loved it!!Thank you Ruth xxxx
1 Aug, 2021
KathyField's picture
I find this class so therapeutic on many levels and now that I am nearing the end of my DYTT, I can appreciate even more just how beneficial yoga can be - even for people who have chronic musculoskeletal skeletal issues like myself. So skilfully and beautifully delivered leaving one feeling nurtured, positive and free moving. Thank you Ruth!
8 Sep, 2020
MamaJ's picture
I have accessed this class a few times and I love it. The postures are great and really free up the spine and breathing and Ruth's delivery is informative and gentle. Lovely!
6 Sep, 2020
UrbanDouglas's picture
Love this class, I find it helps loosen my lumber spine and reduces sciatic pain, more classes like this would be great
21 Aug, 2020
Clairamaria's picture
I am recovering from a cricked neck, this was really helpful. Thank you
24 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Claira Great to hear that this sequence has helped so much. Your neck may well be the site of discomfort but you can be sure the muscles along whole length of the back and more are also affected. This explains why the above sequence is so beneficial - it address the whole body and allows us to restore to optimum balance. Padma
15 Jul, 2020
Rich's picture
Enjoyed this class. Plugging Portugal again I see. Wish you were here.....
15 Jul, 2020
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hey Rich - I know - such a shame huh??? It's nice to see some sunshine though :-) Glad you enjoyed the class.
21 Apr, 2020
Zoe Briggs's picture
Zoe Briggs
Wow Ruth your class is amazing & it's so lovely to know I can practise this any time! My spine feels so much freer now so will definately return to this class. I remember what a kind & knowledgeable teacher you were in my DYTT days & you haven't changed any all xx
20 Jan, 2020's picture
thank you Ruth the birds are a joyful accompany to your lovely sequence thank you


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