Relax and Unwind 1

Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

As co-founder of Dru (UK), Director of the Dru Yoga Online Studio, a nutritionalist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Live and Dry Blood Analyst Annie is one of the...

Relax and Unwind 1

50 mins

Relax and Unwind - a three part series designed to help you pull back your power physically, mentally and spiritually.                                               

  • Session 1 Relax and unwind your body  - release tensions and tiredness after a stressful day.
  • Session 2 Relax and unwind your mind - reduce emotional stress, worry and anxiety. 
  • Session 3 Relax and unwind your soul - calm the mind and experience a deeper peace.

Each session will introduce you to the following terms and concepts:

Session 1 - understanding stress
Stress is one of the biggest courses of ill health.  It is the cause of many conditions including insomnia, headaches, back pain and sore tight joints, muscles, fatigue and tiredness. When we are stressed, we release hormones that keep the body in a 'fight-or-flight' mode. If this state is sustained for long periods of time, our whole immune system can be compromised. 

Relax and Unwind 1 includes:

  • The annamaya kosha - the physical body.
  • Activations - aimed at releasing tenions in the neck and shoulders, arm swings and forward bend. 
  • Energy Block Release 1. 
  • Majariasana - the Cat, to unlock tension from the spine.
  • The Maltese Cross, to ease tension and tiredness out of the lower back.
  • Deep relaxation.
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Members' comments:


19 Oct, 2017
Raisinloaf's picture
Exactly what I needed, really felt my back and shoulders being nourished. Thank you Annie.
18 Jun, 2017
ginabarre's picture
Fantastic! lovely relaxing session for a hot day!
19 Jul, 2016
u03pes's picture
Excellent class! Only problem I had was the video wanted to stop at the start and the end which was frustrating. We have fibre broadband and other videos didn't seem to stop and start that I've tried. I look forward to the next video!
1 Jul, 2016's picture
Hey Annie..i love iT... But....the music is much for the mind.... I ma sorry to say..... But i love the power of dru... Thank you Maya
11 Jun, 2016's picture
Thank you Anne, just what I needed.Eva.
3 Jun, 2016
juliescarff's picture
Wonderful class. Feel deeply relaxed and nourished after that. Thank you Annie

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