Salutation to the 4 directions

Salutatation to the 4 Directions

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Salutation to the 4 Directions

 -   & 
Anouschka Dack
46 mins

This is a powerful sequence to totally balance and attune with the five main elements in your body, earth, water, fire, air and ether.

It awakens the innate realisation that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm! We are affecting each other, what we do to ourselves; we do to the earth and visa-versa.  As you turn to face each of the 4 directions, you open you mind to look at life in all directions and this helps acceptance of  all that is unfolding and at the same time, reminds you that you are a co-creator. What you think and do, makes a difference.  As you pay respect to each corner of the earth, the people, trees, mountains, rivers, the oceans and creatures that co-habit this planet with us,  you  honour the highest within you.  

The preparation sequences and warm up, fearless flight and Energy Block Release 5 will open up your channels of energy to help you feel energy in motion. All you have to do now, is begin!  

There are 2 stages to the Salutation to the Four Directions core movement:

1. Heaven Earth Alignment:
As you reach out to the sides and lower to the earth, you are opening and expanding that side of your body and creating energy.

2. Circles of life Heaven Earth Alignment
Drawing the hands up the mid-line of the body and reaching up allows all the energy centres to align, as you raise earth energy to sky. Then reversing this polarity, you draw heaven to earth, drawing the hands back to the healing heart Circles of Life As you reach out, you will feel that side of your body opening, expanding, connecting. As you circle your hands around your body, you will experience a sense of fullness. All the energy centres become charged with life-force (Prana). On completion of both sides once your body has expanded into the space around you, you will return to a deeper centre of peace and inner calm and a greater sense of belonging to something great.

The 4 Directions It is recommended that you start the sequence facing east, the path of the rising sun. You will see that Mouli is by the ocean. The water is calm and still. Feel this space, as you begin. Now let the journey begin.  If possible, be outside. If this is not possible, imagine that you are with Mouli by the sea here on Anglesey, North Wales!!

Direction 1: Open to the earth element. Feel strong, grounded and connected to all things. Imagine yourself in your power and confident.

Direction 2: Open to the element of water. It is all around you now. Allow it to calm the waters and emotions within you. Imagine yourself flowing easily with life’s challenges and changes. Know all is well.

Direction 3: Open to the element of Fire. Feel energy rising from within, from the core of your being. Let the light around you suffuse your body. Affirm, ‘I am filled with light’ Let sunlight pour over you if this the time of day, or simply let natural light breath into every pore of your body.

Direction 4: Now we are at the air element. Take your time, go slowly and breath with life. Life is breath. Feel it moving through you.  Let the air and life-force (Prana) fill you, heal you, nourish and energise you from inside out Final Direction Return to the point to origin, your point of centre. This is the ether element. Let it connect you with all the elements. It is as if you can feel the ‘unseen angels and guardians’ that are always present to help and guide us. We can connect with them when we are quiet and still, like now! What is the message that your heart can hear that is especially for you.

Enjoy the Salutation to the Four Directions, it is like a prayer of peace to help you and in so doing it helps the earth that we are a part of. 

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Members' comments:

13 Aug, 2023
Dendob-24's picture
Lovely calming class.x
30 Jun, 2023
Ali-64's picture
This is such a calming sequence. I feel so much less stressed now. Thank you.
3 Mar, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Mouli. A beautiful sequence. I feel very calm. I would love to know where it was filmed? Stunningly beautiful.
18 Nov, 2022
Jo's picture
Thank you, this class is so beautifully flowing and energising. Did I see a whale?
16 Jan, 2022
KathyField's picture
Just love this class...great for cleansing and renewing at this time of the year. Making way for the new as well as honouring the 4 directions. Thanks Mouli
17 Oct, 2021
BeachHut27L's picture
That was really relaxing, energising and empowering. Thank you Mouli and Anouschka.
19 Mar, 2021
KathyField's picture
Beautiful from start to finish - I love these powerful flowing sequences. I now feel thoroughly cleansed and refreshed! Thank you so much x
13 Oct, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Absolutely nourishing. Thanks Mouli
19 Feb, 2020
SilkeD's picture
I love everything about this class. I, along with my DYTT class, will be performing the Four Directions sequence for our graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks, so this class will become my regular practice! Thank you. Namaste. Silke
19 Jan, 2020
Jo's picture
Wow, thank you. Sending love to all xx
18 Dec, 2019
Sophia Hanson's picture
Sophia Hanson
Mouli - this is beautiful and my new favourite, thank you. Anouschka, can you tell me the music playing in the background of fearless flight? Shazam can't tell me - maybe because your beautiful calming tones aren't recorded as its lyrics! I'd love to know. Thank you! xxx
8 Sep, 2019
dotcrom's picture
Lovely class. Very calming. Loved the backdrop too. I felt I was there.
16 May, 2019
Elisa Anne's picture
Elisa Anne
Mouli that was so lovely, thank you - just what I needed after an emotionally challenging week. Can I ask - what was the music played in the background?
29 Nov, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Thanku Mouli x
1 May, 2018
Pat Watten's picture
Pat Watten
Hi Mouli, Thank you so much for this beautiful class, I love it :) The music is wonderful, especially the relaxation track, so peaceful. Can you tell me what it is please? Namaste.
29 Apr, 2018's picture
This is one of my favourite classes in the dru online studio. Thank you, Mouli.
29 Sep, 2017
SarahF's picture
Thank you for this flowing sequence, with this practice I have experienced a deeper sense of the flow of light and energy moving from the solidity of the earth to the expansiveness of the sky
3 Sep, 2017
JuliaS's picture
Hi Mouli, I live my the ocean too in Australia and I love that we start in the east, because often we leave east till last as its the hardest to face in lifes culminations. So to Start there is amazing, its like being tense and then as you go through the directions all your emotions have shifted and are slowed down and become calm.
8 Nov, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Linda, a bit of clarity for you - North is 'normal' but you can most definitely use the east first as a way of saluting the morning sun. Hope that helps, Anouschka.
7 Nov, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment - I've asked for some advice and will get back to you :-)
2 Nov, 2016
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Hi, I've just Been doing this class (wonderful ! ) but reading the instructions that go along with the video, I noticed that is says to start off facing East, when I did the teacher training we were taught to start off facing North, which is how I've always practiced and taught it since 2005, I've checked with my work book and it says start facing North ( book 10 ) can you clarify this for me ? Thanks xxx
24 May, 2016
cookie's picture
Mouli, thank you for a marvellous session -so beautiful - I will be a regular viewer of this joyous sequence! xx
11 May, 2016
Diane Malpass's picture
Diane Malpass
Thank you for this beautiful session Mouli. I really enjoyed it and look forward to bringing some aspects into my future yoga classes.
22 Mar, 2016
Kayostell's picture
I keep returning to this class, lovely Spring session.
29 Oct, 2015
joanredfern's picture
Hi Moui I have been doing your class in the mornings this week. Loving it and finding it very energizing and balancing. Thanks
29 Oct, 2015
joanredfern's picture
Hi Mouli: I am enjoying this routine so much very energizing and balancing. Thanks so much.
25 Sep, 2015
Suzy's picture
Just done this sequence and the whole warm up this morning before work and I'm bouncing with energy. Can't wait to have another go!
25 Apr, 2015
Meriel Deans's picture
Meriel Deans
This was beautiful. Thank you Mouli.
20 Apr, 2015's picture
Woohoo Mouli! What a bonus to have you here with me in my home yoga space :) A beautiful session, thank you.
6 Mar, 2015
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
Beautiful class, thank you Mouli :-)
19 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Calm, clear and focusing. I feel like I have stepped through into a beautiful space. Thank you xx
10 Jan, 2015
AndreaJ's picture
Thank you so much, what a beautiful way to start my day, what is the music in the Fearless Flight, i love it?xx
8 Jan, 2015
relax's picture
Loved this class so much all my favorites in one class. What a joy to watch you Mouli this video I am committing too so many benefits xx Michelle
6 Jan, 2015
Kayostell's picture
Really enjoyed the class, pace was just right for me. I especially liked the lighthouse and the sea as a backdrop! Lovely
6 Jan, 2015
amindinbalance's picture
Thank you so much Mouli, this was indeed a fantastic session. All aspects were so complete, including the activation, and the inclusion of the recommended EBR 4 to accompany this sequence. As you were the instructor who taught us this sequence last November for our Module 6, in Perth, Western Australia, it seems so timely for this to be now included online. Thank you Frances Mercer
2 Jan, 2015
Jennikirkwood's picture
Thank you Mouli that was so beautiful and the setting was perfect. What a great way to start the New Year. Thank you Jenni


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