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Shiva Bhajan with Petra Opsteeg

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Shiva bhajan

6 mins

In this bhajan or chant of praise to Shiva, one of the main Gods of the yogic tradition, we tune into the cosmic cycles of time through the sound of the drum and the bell. Shiva is said to be the archetypal energy of the ever-changing cosmos, helping us to connect in to the seasons, and the effortless process of change and transformation - especially as we learn to let go of that which is holding us back.

This particular bhjan is fun and joyful - and perfect if you want to bring a sense of strength and power to your practice.

Performed at a live concert in Australia, Petra Opsteeg, one of our top sound and mantra tutors here at Dru, shares the bhjan as 'call and answer' meaning you can sing along too!

Want to know more about Shiva? Click here to watch Introducing Shiva video   >

Here are the lyrics and the translation:

Dum Dum Dum Dum Damaru Bajey

Hara Bhola Nath Shiva Shambho Bhajey

Ghana Ghana Ghana Ghana Ghanta Bajey

Gauri Nath Shiva Shambho Bhajey


dum: sound syllable (like in a drum)

damaru: a type of drum played by lord shiva

baaje: sing praises to...

hara: a name of lord shiva which means “to destroy”

bholenaath: lord of the innocent, refers to lord shiva

shiva shambho: names of shiva

baaje: sing praises to...

ghana: sound of a bell

ghanta: bell

baaje: sing praises to...

gauri natha: Lord of Gauri (Parvati is Shiva's eternal consort)

shiva shambho: names of shiva

baaje: sing praises to...

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Members' comments:

3 Mar, 2021's picture
Beautiful voices.
3 Mar, 2021
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks so much for your comment - I agree - every time I listen to this I feel so joyful and elated! This is the perfect time to listen as we approach Shivaratri (the day of Shiva).
18 Mar, 2020's picture
Absolutely fantastic! I love a good bhajan. So good to have this on line. Thank you, thank you.
15 Mar, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks for sharing so uplifting.
25 Feb, 2020
Anita Sebre-Ward's picture
Anita Sebre-Ward
Absolutely stunning! Loved, loved, loved... Petra`s voice is amazing. Thank


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