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Sitting comfortably for Dru Medittion

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Sitting comfortably for meditation

3 mins

Learning how to sit comfortably for your meditation is really simple, yet perhaps the biggest single factor that will make your meditation great... or horrible!

And when you get it right you'll be able to have deeper and more invigorating meditations, free from aches and pains, alert and free from the 'nodding dog' syndrome! 

These simple yet highly effective pointers show you how to easily sit comfortably and with great alignment for meditation. 

In fact, how we sit for meditation is a science in itself. When we get it right, we'll have acheived an excellent balance between activating the parasympathetic (the relaxation response) so that we can calm our mind and emotions, and the sympathetic nervous system (the activte state) as we want to stay alert and focused.

We hope this simple video enables you to relax and enjoy a deeper meditation. And if you are a meditation teacher, we hope it will help you explain how to sit to your students.

Let us know how you get on!

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Members' comments:

31 Jan, 2019
Rachel Orange's picture
Rachel Orange
Thank you for this video simplicity and practicaily of correct positioning science in itself.


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