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People meditating in the nature under the sky

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Sky Meditation – Regain Your Enjoyment of Life

10 mins

The Sky Meditation helps you regain your perspective on life, broaden your vision, lift your eyes from a situation in which you are caught up in and see life from a higher level. Use it when you want to regain your enjoyment of life and all of those great things that are really important to you. Enjoy our free meditation video!

  • 10 minute guided meditation track: This meditation leaves you deeply relaxed, soothed and at peace with your world, regardless of what state you started in.
  • Made especially for busy people: This quick, potent meditation guides you effortlessly into a profound stillness—at home, in the office or out in nature.
  • Optimise your power centres: Effortlessly gain access to the awesome powers of your mind with this meditation based on the archetypes of the chakras.
  • Expand your vision and enjoy life more: While soothing your mind and relaxing your emotions you’ll develop a higher perspective.


With your eyes open this video is a visual feast of stunning scenery and an audio bath of relaxing music and gentle instructions.

With your eyes closed this video is a profound meditation that precisely works on soothing archetypes in your unconscious to bring peace and stillness to a busy mind.


Find a quiet place and ensure that you will not be disturbed. Sit on a comfortable seat or cushion with your back straight. Focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe naturally to settle the mind and bring it to a state of deeper focus and concentration, ready to engage in meditation.
See our Meditations for Beginners video (Meditation for Beginners)

The Sky Meditation is part of the Dru Meditation DVD. It was filmed on location in Canberra ACT, Southern Highlands & Coastal NSW, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Qld, Daintree & Port Douglas Far North Queensland, Northern Victoria, Australia & in Latvia.

If you like the Sky Meditation you may want to try these meditations as well from the Dru Meditation DVD, available at the Dru Online Shop:

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P.S - the filming of these meditations is so amazing that you will want to visit Australia after this!

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Members' comments:

24 Jul, 2023
Cecilegehle's picture
I was expecting a sky breathing meditation. Disappointed...
4 Mar, 2020's picture
I love this meditation when feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work or in life in general! Really puts things into perspective. Andrew’s voice is very calming. Thank you.
12 Mar, 2019
Janemorris101's picture
Thank you Andrew, that was beautiful!
27 Feb, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
Such a wonderful meditation for gaining perspective and finding that inner peace. Thank you Andrew.
3 Jun, 2017
Nicky's picture
This was beautiful and relaxing, felt a lovely connection and the Eagle flying across the sky, synchronise with my Oracle card that I pulled this morning. Feel truly Blessed. Xxx
2 Jan, 2017
karenhogan's picture
Lovely and peaceful just what I needed thank you
14 Sep, 2016
juliehooper28's picture
Lovely visuals and great to practise remembering there is a bigger picture. The music, for me, was too loud and distracting. Do you need the music I wonder. Easier to focus in silence. Xxx
21 Jul, 2016
Raisinloaf's picture
A beautiful meditation which I really enjoyed. I loved the sensation of soaring like an eagle!
3 Feb, 2016
Kayostell's picture
Great for giving me a different perspective.
8 Jul, 2014
AnitaM's picture
Love the sky meditation and sound of your voice. Maybe you remember me from Goldcoast x
5 May, 2014
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Beautifully peaceful and soothing. Thank you!


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