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Slow and flowing sun sequence

45 mins

Welcome to this session with Angie, one of our wonderful Dru Yoga teacher trainers in Australia. 

In this class Angie guides us once more through Surya Namaskara - which really is the perfect way to attune to your inner light as well as fully stretch and tone your body.

This version of Surya Namaskara is flowing and graceful. Taking time to relax and enjoy each movement and breath. It's a perfect class to use if you are new to yoga or fitness based movement programmes.

The class is particularly effective if ever you are feeling 'airy', anxious or overwhelmed with life. It is designed to be grounding and centering, helping you to re-establish a place of inner calm and balance. This class includes:

Activation session (10 mins)

A short series of easy to follow, dynamic movements which include twists, stretches and body preps for the main sequence.

The Sun Sequence (20 mins)
Enjoy this 20 minute flow of Surya Namaskara. It includes some modifications including the addition of the Cat (a central focus which all the movements coming back to). The Cobra is repeated three times and can easily be replaced with the Sphinx if you find this cobra too strong for your body today.

Note: The Sun Sequence is practiced twice 'on both sides'.  We therefore complete two full cycles of Surya Namaskara.

Relaxation (10 mins)

Conclude this class with a four stage guided relaxation - enjoy the tulips!! (Have a bolster and blanket ready if needed).


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Members' comments:

19 Aug, 2023
MoniqueH's picture
That was lovely Angela, I loved the tulips in the background that brought me back home. namaste Monique Hovers
17 Feb, 2022
Gmyteaching18L's picture
That was a lovely session thank you Angela. I needed it today as i was feeling a bit scattered and it brought me back to earth and into the moment.
16 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Thanks Angela. Loving visiting and practicing your classes.
30 May, 2021
Sylvia Kers's picture
Sylvia Kers
I like this really gentle sun sequence!
20 Jan, 2021
SueC's picture
Loved my session this morning Angie..... quite settling, yet giving energy and bounce !! xx thank you.
10 Jan, 2021
Jo's picture
Beautiful class for this morning , sending love to all xx thank you
8 Apr, 2020
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hey Cat, thanks so much for your message. I have had a quick look around Angela's classes, but can't see anything that might be what you're thinking of... But this session by Annie includes it? Hope that helps :-)
7 Apr, 2020
cat's picture
Please remind me which class of Angela's contains the fearless flight sequence that is almost like an EBR? It was beautiful but I can't find it now !
6 Jul, 2019
Jo's picture
Lovely to meet you Angela and thank you so much for this nourishing nurturing sequence which is just what I need right now. Xx
24 Apr, 2019
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Just what I needed, thank you so much. Craving a sun sequence but felt a little agitated today. This slow mindful version what just the ticket :)
10 Feb, 2019's picture
Such a beautifully taught class. The build up is wonderful and the relaxation at the end felt perfect for me today. Thank you!
1 Sep, 2018
Nadia Dickie's picture
Nadia Dickie
Lovely!!! thank you! xx
30 Aug, 2018's picture
Marvellous great combi of flow loved cat returning and repea ted
13 Aug, 2018
juliescarff's picture
What a wonderful version of this sequence. This has now become one of my firm favourites. I feel beautifully calm, yet energised. Thank you
3 Aug, 2018
SylviaC's picture
Thanks Angela, yet another great version of the sun sequence! I didn't feel like doing anything at all half an hour ago, but now I feel revitalised and happy that I've moved through this whole sequence in a slow and mindful way :)
2 Aug, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
I needed some grounding this morning and this was perfect! Thank you, Angela.
1 Aug, 2018
MelC's picture
Love this version! Very basic, lovely yoga without voiceover or music. Brilliant!
1 Aug, 2018
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Brilliant variation of Surya Namaskara, thank you Angie xxx


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