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Spinal Flow

23 mins

Do you get tired after a long day at work? Do you need a short 20 min 'pick me up' session to get your energy flowing and helping you to re-balance? Then this class is for you!

Many of us come home at the end of the day tired and ready to flop in front of the TV with a (probably well deserved) glass of wine after a hard day's work. So, instead of convincing yourself that you are simply too tired to do any yoga, now all you have to do is convince yourself to lie down... and the rest will take care of itself!

This class is a simple posture based flow - using the breath and simple poses to encourage flexibility and movement, working from the floor up. Your body - and mind - will love these slow healing stretches. 

This short class is part of a three part programme that has been specially designed by Anouschka who has over 15 years experience in teaching classes and courses - constantly exploring new ways of helping us all to enjoy new and innovative forms of Dru Yoga. This set of three classes (Chakra Flow, Spinal Flow and Power Flow) give us a new approach to Dru Yoga classes. They begin from lying in the prone position and move through a series of linked movements - into a perfect posture flow. And although we stay close to the floor, these classes encourage a full range of movement and subtle strength training without being overpowering. Perfect for after a long day!

This Spinal Flow class includes the following: 

  • activation through arms stretches, lying twist and extended Child with side stretch (banana-asana) 
  • Move from the Child into Cat and onwards into Cobra/ Sphinx 
  • Weaving Cat
  • Tiger
  • Parigrasana (the Beam pose with lateral extension
  • The Plank
  • To complete relax in Makarasana.

Brilliant. Now you can have that glass of wine!




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Members' comments:

21 Dec, 2021
Karen R's picture
Karen R
loved this sequence , particularly helped stretch into my lower back , Thankyou x
8 Oct, 2021
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
So lovely to revisit this wonderful flowing sequence. One of my absolute favourites!
3 Jun, 2021
moiranirvana's picture
Great class for relaxing and refreshing after the day. Perfect length and very easy instruction to follow to revive the shoulders, hips and spine. Lovely . . .
31 Jan, 2021
Joannaca6's picture
Fabulous, stretchy set of movements for the period post work and pre-relaxed evening, thank you Anoushka and Aisla - I feel rejuvenated !
17 Jan, 2021
raphkevdweide's picture
thanks Anouschka!Great inspiration again, beautiful flow of movements. I really like the weaving cat, and your instructions to make it even a more effective posture ! thanks xxx
14 Jan, 2021
kathrineparker1@me.com's picture
Thank you for this lovely short but comprehensive class, just what I needed after a long day of work at the hospital X
14 Nov, 2020
joyousjulie's picture
Just brilliant for me today! Love your teaching as always! now going to complete with your 20mins relaxation.
17 Nov, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Julie Great to hear how much you enjoyed this session with Anouschka. It’s also very lovely to hear that you have built time in for relaxation too. Brilliant
27 Oct, 2020
Bethjones's picture
Loved this call - great to do after work to stretch out x
18 Jan, 2019
Mona Fairholme's picture
Mona Fairholme
Lovely Anouschka Thank you what a great teacher you are Rediscovering all the amazing on line classes.x
16 Jan, 2019
Sylvie More@gmail.com's picture
Sylvie More@gma...
Thank you Anouschka. What a delightful class. Absolutely beautifully taught - so clear, educational and a pleasure to do.
19 Nov, 2018
sdashworth1970's picture
Really enjoyed this today, simple and enjoyable. Thank you!
22 Sep, 2018
naomidruyoga@gmail.com's picture
Beautiful! Thank you Anouschka. This is fabulous first think in the morning too...fast and effective :0)
17 Jul, 2018
Jo's picture
Well worth waiting for! Thank you xxx
17 Jul, 2018
Jo's picture
Hi Anouschka, I am looking forward to this treat this evening, have a lovely day, hope to see you soon, love Jo xx
8 Jul, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Perfect for me this morning! Thank you.
7 Jun, 2018
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
lovely, thank you x
25 May, 2018
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Brilliant sequence Anoushka, a lovely flow especially if you haven't much time, I loved the extra bits in weaving cat and Sphinx, thank you xxx
26 Apr, 2018
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
Wow! What a superb sequence. Loved it and the idea of practising it after a long day. Anoushcka your voice is soooo soothing and your instructions are so clear and concise. From a teaching perspective I feel very inspired. Thank you x
18 Apr, 2018
JuliaS's picture
wonderful thanku
4 Apr, 2018
Yvette40plus's picture
After a day seated in the office, and a beautiful evening walk was perfect for ironing out those last crinks. Thank you
19 Mar, 2018
busterony's picture
Would just like to say besides the great lesson what a beautiful room that is.
15 Mar, 2018
JuliaS's picture
I really enjoyed your class just now.
10 Mar, 2018
raphkevdweide's picture
Thank you very much for the inspiration Anoushka! A really lovely class ... I am sure my students will like it as well! :-)
9 Mar, 2018
cat's picture
Really lovely thank you - I can't wait to teach this at my class next time - my students will love it! Perfect post work pre wine nicely timed session
6 Mar, 2018
Raisinloaf's picture
This was a wonderful sequence. I could really feel my upper back open up and it eased a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. Thank you - one of my favourites!
6 Mar, 2018
joyousjulie's picture
Lovely class Anoushka feel rejuvenated to go out to teach again this evening xxx
6 Mar, 2018
jmoffat99@hotmail.com's picture
Thank you Anouschka, lovely sequence..xx
5 Mar, 2018
Charlotte Sluter's picture
Charlotte Sluter
I really love this class after a long day at work. Thank you team Dru. xx
4 Mar, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
At 20 mins I find this sequence is perfect as a short class to ease you into your yoga flow and remember you can also use this as a prelude to your main posture practice. Enjoy.
4 Mar, 2018
Pippa's picture
Great class, lovely flow for strengthening the whole of the back including glutes. I will definitely save this one as a favourite.
4 Mar, 2018
sheilah's picture
Great class - just what I was needing :)
3 Mar, 2018
Neesey55's picture
Thank you Anouska for this lovely class. I feel relaxed and warm. Just what I need on these cold snowy days xx
3 Mar, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments, s glad you're enjoying this class - its simple but effective! There's another class in this series coming out in a couple of weeks which culminates with Adhi Chandasana (half moon pose) which hasn't been seen on the studio before... so keep an eye out. :-)
2 Mar, 2018
Shahn's picture
Wonderful class! Upper body feels stretched, toned, open and spacious :) Thank you x
2 Mar, 2018
SilkeD's picture
Just what I needed this afternoon. It's now in my favourites; thank you.
1 Mar, 2018
lmorfill's picture
Lovely sequence. Thank you


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