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Sun Salutation - class 1

75 mins

This is the first in a series of three on the Sun Salutation.

In this dynamic class, Palvinder explains the principles of isotonic and isometric strengthening and incorporates this into the sequence.

The session includes


Body preps include -

       extended forward bend series

       extended squat series

       runner series

       extended tiger series

Dynamic sun Salutation

Palvinder completes the class with a nurturing 15-minute breathing and relaxation time.

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Members' comments:

8 Aug, 2023
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
Thank you, Pavinder! I loved this class and the way you guided us through a slow yet very powerful version of sun sequence. I often find in classes that sun sequence is conducted too quickly, and so I am unable to fully enjoy all its beneficial effects, but your version was perfect for me. Many thanks for this fabulous variation. :)
15 Jul, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Palvinder great, love your style and your teaching. Instructions reminding us alignment points so parts of our bodies which could be strained are protected. On 5/6/23 I started with the Vitality Sequence I was suppose to do 3 weeks,I struggled to keep up, my brother wasn't well so I was distracted it stalled my physical efforts. My brother is progressing now so I am back. Thanks for these online classes, I am looking forward to repeating this.
6 Jul, 2023's picture
I absolutely love your style of teaching Palinvder, it’s so natural, graceful and your humour adds a wonderful element to the sequence. I have done it for a week now and i feel fabulous xx
7 Jun, 2023
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Thank you, Palvinder! A beautifully taught Sun Sequence lesson, start to finish.
4 Jun, 2023
willemijn's picture
Heerlijke les
2 Jun, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for this detailed session. I loved the breath work in the relaxations.It was just what I needed.
1 Jun, 2023
CaroleEdwards's picture
Palvinder, I just love your style of teaching this was a fabulous session!
1 Jun, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you very much Palvinder for this strengthening Sun Salutation. I smiled a lot during the class. The forearm plank was a challenge! The relaxation was wonderful and I really enjoyed the breathing practice at the end. Another favourite to add to my list. xx


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