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Sun Salutation - class 2

75 mins

Enjoy this challenging workout, and create strength and vitality in your body. 

Initially, Palvinder takes us through a fun and dynamic activation sequence which takes the spine through a whole range of movements to energize and release any stiffness within the spine. This is followed by a range stretches and strengthening movements to prepare the body.

As you continue your journey exploring the Sun Salutation in this second class of the series, Palvinder incorporates additional postures such as Tiger into 3 legged Dog sequence, to help you to increase agility and strength in your core postural muscles.

Palvinder completes the class with a beautiful meditative relaxation.

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Members' comments:

22 Aug, 2023
Gmyteaching18L's picture
I love the way you teach a class Parvinder, with such joy and enthusiasm but also showing the alignment of the postures so beautifully. Very inspiring, thank you so much.
13 Aug, 2023
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
Another fabulous class Parvinder - thank you! I feel beautifully rejuvenated, having enjoyed the strength of the postures, the release from the stretches, and your wonderfully nurturing relaxation. Looking forward to practising this one on a regular basis. Thanks a million :)!


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