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Sun Salutation - class 3

83 mins

In this third and final live class of the series, Palvinder takes the Sun Salutation to a new level of experience, full of vitality and dynamism. 

She begins the class with a brief meditation to allow you to arrive in the moment and then takes you through a session of fun activations and body preparation movements.

Palvinder then leads you to explore additional postures such as the three-legged dog and the side plank which both help to strengthen our core postural and structural muscles. As you are guided in the flow of a strong Surya Namaskar, the principles of isotonic and isometric strengthening are weaved in throughout the sequence to create an optimum workout. On a subtle level, this sequence provides an opportunity for a deeper transformation within the heart and mind. 

Palvinder completes with a nourishing relaxation and breathing technique, to leave you feeling completely revitalised. 

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Members' comments:

14 Nov, 2023's picture
What a beautiful strong and energising & yet balancing class. Love all the new movements & it’s so nice to have a change in Sun salutation. Just fabulous and exactly what i needed. Thank you Palvinder :)
7 Oct, 2023
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
Thank you, Parvinder - another amazing session with strong, powerful movements followed by a beautifully grounding relaxation incorporating breath work. I have really enjoyed your variations of the Sun sequence focussing on isotonic and isometric movements - a fabulous work out!! :)
14 Aug, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Palvinder for a strong start to a very rainy, grey. May the sun shine soon!
4 Jul, 2023
Kwells-west's picture
Wow! Thank you so much….. a beautiful workout and a peaceful grounding. That was exactly what I needed!


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