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Sun Sequence Variation

10 mins

In this short class you'll go through one full round of Surya Namaskara in a strong dynamic flow. 

This session is perfect if you want to spice up your existing Surya Namaskara or simply want to add a bit of strength and flow into your practice.

This variation adds in a simple twist and beginning and end as well as slightly stronger elements such as the plank, an arm-less cobra and a high lunge. Modify as you need to as you relax into this soothing practice.

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Members' comments:

18 Aug, 2022
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Thank you Roos, an awesome start to the day
18 Apr, 2020
geordieange's picture
Thank you - just wanted I needed, a quick uplift to my morning :)
16 Nov, 2019
Pippa's picture
Nice sequence Roos, nice clear cues. I really enjoyed this thank you.
15 Nov, 2019
Shahn's picture
Thank you Beautiful Roos :-) I love these 3 new classes, so beautifully taught, with a beautiful, engaging voice and a wonderful warm personality. Looking forward to more classes xxx


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