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Sundara Saraswati Mantra

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Sundara Saraswati

 -   & 
Dru Team
6 mins

This beautiful mantra celebrating the archetype of the Goddess Saraswati was filmed at a live kirtan session with the Dru Sound team.

Saraswati is the representation of the union of power and intelligence that gives rise to creation. The power that brings order to chaos, clarity to obscurity, and higher wisdom to ignorance.

The energy of Saraswati is the force that nourishes and enlightens the mind with spiritual wisdom, which guides us to the teacher within our hearts, helping us understand the true essence of life.

Aligning with this energy, especially during these times, can help us embody wisdom and creativity can help us gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental meaning of our existence. It is a powerful way to prepare ourselves to bloom with nature, as we become more of who we came here to be.

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Members' comments:

20 Feb, 2021
grande's picture
Beautiful, deep from the heart,bless all the singers.


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