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Swadhisthana Chakra Mudra

3 mins

"Just imagine how wonderful life could be when we guide our bodies to be in tune with their natural balance so we are full of calm, healthy, and joyful vitality."

Mudras are specialised hand gestures that help to balance the elements in our bodies. Each finger represents a different
part of your body.

  • The thumb – is the fire element 
  • The index finger – the air 
  • The middle finger – the ether 
  • The ring finger – the earth 
  • Little finger – the water element 

As we hold our hands in specific mudras, we rejunervate our state of mind especially when we use powerful affirmations which help us to challenge negative emotions that do not benefit us, and enhance the positive emotions which help us.
This mudra helps us to experience self-compassion, acceptance, and non-attachment.

Want to know more about how to work with the Swadhistana chakra? Click here to watch Annie's yoga posture for the Swadhistana chakra.

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