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Attitude Factor

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The Attitude Factor

3 mins
There is one powerful factor that translates into behaviour and guides our moment to moment actions: our attitude. The profound effect that our attitude has on our lives is essential for our day to day functioning. When we become more mindful of our attitude, we find more meaning in our daily lives.
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Members' comments:

12 Jan, 2022
Dr Melanie Jones's picture
Dr Melanie Jones
This has gone onto my onscreen on my phone so I can be constantly reminded when I forget these powerful words. Thank you.
13 Jan, 2021
KayMarples's picture
Each night before bedtime I write a journal and include 3 positive things and 3 thing I am grateful for in my day.I also recall how my heart feels and what brought joy into my day This seals my day in an upbeat way. Yyes attitude is most important.


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