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The Importance of Trees - Session 1

18 mins

This is Energy Block Release 1 with a difference! Fiona begins her beautiful class in the traditional way in Australasia, by acknowledging the original inhabitants of the land. Fiona makes many references to trees throughout, helping us to feel grounded and nourished.

The class starts with some lovely activations cross patterning. The activations are quite vibrant but there are options if you are feeling less dynamic. The movements take us from being a tiny seed (pose of the child) uncurling and growing into a modified gate posture. Here we experience the effects of the wind and get a lovely side bend. We grow towards the Sun in a beautiful standing stretch, and expand our branches in the shoulder rotations. We become a strong and flexible tree as Fiona takes us through the movement of energy block release one. We complete with a relaxing crocodile.

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Members' comments:

1 Nov, 2023
little_gem557's picture
Loved this class, your language and imagery. Thank you x
16 Oct, 2023
shelton's picture
A beautiful class - thank you. Looking forward to visiting session 2 tomorrow.
13 Oct, 2023
JuliaS's picture
Loved this. Just also did your new class Fiona Session 2. The story Kosha language is the most beautiful addition to the session. I felt nurtured within and both Physically , emotionally and spiritually. Wow what a wonderful connection to Nature. I will be revisiting these to new classes daily for awhile. Love and Light.
13 Oct, 2023's picture
Fabulous Fiona just love this looking forward to the next session xx
10 Oct, 2023
karen tear's picture
karen tear
Thank you, I’ve been away from Dru for a while, this was my first online class. It has brought me back to myself in turbulent times and reminded me how good I can feel if I give myself the time to nourish myself. Very grateful!
5 Oct, 2023
moiranirvana's picture
Lovely Fiona, thank you. Just right for me this morning.
1 Oct, 2023
Raisinloaf's picture
Absolutely lovely class - really enjoyed approaching EBR1 in a different way. Thank you. Om shanti
23 Sep, 2023
ruth_peace's picture
I really enjoyed this session - outside in Scotland on this very unusually warm equinox day - with the leaves floating around. Thank you.
22 Sep, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Fiona I watched the session first.I have lived in Western Australia so many beautiful trees and birds, beautiful people. I have got into the habit of using time I have in travelling to decide the sequences I can engage with weekly. That's an interesting take on a focused yoga session EBR 1; I would be all over the place! Best wishes and thanks for sharing.
19 Sep, 2023
Eleanor's picture
A wonderful class for everyone but perfect for children, a great story teller
14 Sep, 2023
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
I love trees, and I loved this new perspective on EBR1. Thank you, Fiona, for your beautiful class and interpretation of the Dru foundation EBR sequence!
14 Sep, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for this beautiful session. It was just what I needed today after thirteen days of staying away from others because of a covid infection. Your brightness and use of language echo a tree's life. Your enthusiasm and description turned my outlook from gloom to happiness, to be relaxed and free for the rest of my day.
14 Sep, 2023
Sarah Jane's picture
Sarah Jane
hi Fiona I loved that fun and energising.I will be teaching that next week and would work really well with kids. Many thanks Sarah
14 Sep, 2023
Paola M's picture
Paola M
Lovely session, a great storyteller :-)


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