The Water Sequence

Kate Carter

Kate Carter

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer and Peadiatric Nurse

A peadiatric nurse and Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer, Kate has a wide range of experience in many fields. Safety, grace, poise combine together into fantastic...

The Water Sequence

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Jane Radhika Patel
52 mins

Welcome to this energising sequence with Dru Yoga Teacher, Kate Carter. Today's sequence is called the Water Sequence.

The Water Sequence
This sequence is designed to activate the svadhisthana chakra. This energy centre is connected to the water element, hence the title of this sequence. It's purpose is to help you to flow with life and not against it. This sequence has also be designed to help balance this energy centre.  To find out more about the svadhisthana energy centre click here.

In this class Kate will include the following:
Part 1 Activations (11 minutes)- this includes lots of arm rotations and arm lifts, including the figure of eight movement, upper body twists, hip circling, and calf muscles warm-ups.

Part 2 Energy Block Release Sequence 2 (11 minutes)
Kate has chosen a selection of movements from this Dru style sequence as preparation for the main Water Sequence. 
For more information about what an Energy Block Release Sequence - watch Annie Jones' short presentation: What is an EBR in Dru yoga?
This section of your class includes more twists and rotations of the upper body whilst standing, including the Standing Cat and Forward Bend.

The Water Sequence (7 minutes)
Now join in with Kate as she flows through the combined movements of the Water Sequence. Note that she uses four distinct hand mudras or hand gestures:

the praying hands mudra: a familiar position recognised in all religions. For the purpose of this sequence its emphasis is to encourage an attitude of prayerful self respect.

the Brahma mudra: index fingers and thumbs connect - palms forward. This mudra emphasises the quality of creativity.

the Lotus mudra: hands held together at the wrists and open up to form the impression of a lotus. This mudra is a symbol of purity and is connected to the element of water.

the Akasha mudra: the sequence finishes with a hand gesture that emphasises space - it encourages us to create space around us as we complete this class,

Relaxation (20 minutes)
Treat yourself to a long relaxation with Kate. Lie down comfortably and let your troubles flow out of your body, leaving you to feel refreshed and replenished.
Fill your awareness with lotuses and light.


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Members' comments:


20 Aug, 2017
raphkevdweide's picture
Thanks Kate! I loved your class! The beautiful surrounding of the mountain and the waterfall, the great activation giving a gentle warm up, combined with EBR2 and the water sequence made me felt completely nurished and refreshed. Many thanks Raphke
19 Aug, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Jean - seems to be working fine at this end... Can you clear your browser history and log out then log in again? Seems like it may be a gremlin in your system. If no joy let me know and I can help further. Thanks, Anouschka.
18 Aug, 2017
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
This video seems to be the safety video and not Kate's Water Sequence video. Anyone any ideas why?
17 Aug, 2017
hermaS's picture
Nice class lovely sequence but brahma mudra= jnana mudra
15 Aug, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone. Thanks so much on your comments for the Water Sequence class. Its soooooo beautiful to tune in to the element of water. :-) Yes Lucy, you're right re the mudras in the class, we're exploring this and hope to have the correction in place soon.
10 Aug, 2017
cat's picture
Beautiful Kate - thank you so much I loved it Will also be learning so I can share with my students Want a waterfall to do it next too Love and light V Cat x
7 Aug, 2017
Lucy Bannister's picture
Lucy Bannister
I wonder if someone can help a confusion I have with the mudras in the Water Sequence - the Brahma Mudra in our course books is index finger extended with the other fingers folded in and the thumb on top. In this video it is index finger and thumb touching - like jnaana mudra in Tree of Transformation? Many thanks. x
5 Aug, 2017
NickyH's picture
Loved this class - found it very calming - the lotus flower relaxation was just beautiful - thank you Kate :)
4 Aug, 2017
Diane Malpass's picture
Diane Malpass
A really enjoyable class Kate thank you. I will be revisiting this one until have have the Water Sequence down to a tee with a view to including it forthcoming classes for my students to also enjoy.
4 Aug, 2017
Annemichele's picture
Thank you so much for this class. It is absolutely beautiful, so relaxing and nourishing. xx
3 Aug, 2017's picture
Absolutely beautiful Kate many thanks and lovely to visit the waterfall again many thanks feeling very tranquil xxx
3 Aug, 2017
Vild's picture
This was a real treat for me today - thank you Kate! I'm exploring a deeper self-care routine at the moment and this is just perfect :-)

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