TOGA - power sequence

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TOGA - power sequence

28 mins

Welcome to this dynamic and exciting session with Toga founder and Dru Yoga instructor, Radha Patel.

If Radha could sum up two words for this sequence then they are: FLOW and STRENGTH. This class is focused on toning and strengthening the lower body, especially the legs - with emphasis on the core muscles.

Radha's class includes the following:

  • Guidelines about who should avoid practicing this sequence - for instance, if you have knee or lower back problems, sit this one out!
  • The activations  - grab a chair, a wall - or a friend if you need a little extra support or these balanced based leg swings.
  • The Toga Power sequence
  • Relaxation

This is a challenging sequence that is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who wish to tone and strengthen the thighs. If you are already familiar with the Dru Power sequence then you will recognise some of the movements. Radha adds to this her own brand of dynamic repetitive squat based movements - to make it a flow sequence that gets blood shifting from the legs whilst getting them into shape!

Be prepared to do a lot of squatting for this sequence, but don't worry, Radha will be with you all the way - smiling of course!

Today's class comes to an end with a well deserved relaxation, so have a blanket ready - you'll need a rest after Radha has finished with you! Good luck!




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Members' comments:

13 Mar, 2023
Jacky1970's picture
Great, thank you!
13 Mar, 2023
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks for letting us know - I've changed the settings so it's now working :-)
12 Mar, 2023
Jacky1970's picture
Video is removed?
13 Mar, 2023
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks for letting us know - I've changed the settings so it's now working :-)
10 Dec, 2020
Raisinloaf's picture
Fabulous class - strong and powerful! Really enjoyed it - looking forward to more Toga!
17 Sep, 2020's picture
Really beautiful session, Radha. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Veronica
18 Sep, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Veronica Glad to hear how much you enjoyed this power sequence with Radha. Thanks for expressing your appreciation. Padma
17 Mar, 2019
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
Perfect. Nice strong flow before gentle Dru sequence. Just what I was looking for. Thank you
2 Jan, 2018
RadhaPatel's picture
Thanks so much to you all!! Cant wait to share some more with you Ruth, Rosie, Janem Jo and Emma! :-)
30 Dec, 2017
Emma25's picture
Thanks Radha! Loved it! A great challenge and looking forward to trying more toga :)
23 Sep, 2017
Jo's picture
Thank you Radha, feeling full of energy for Saturday, love it! Jo xx
14 Sep, 2017
jane.benn's picture
Grace, flow and power to set me up for the day. Thank you very much, Radha.
3 Sep, 2017
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Another surprising class, thank you, Radha! Very energising and empowering.
2 Sep, 2017
ruthR2's picture
Fantastic morning routine workout thank you Radha!


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