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TOGA - Upper body workout

22 mins

Join Radha - the Founder of TOGA as she takes you through a brilliant work out in the magnificent Nant Ffrancon valley! In this session, Radha will focus on the upper body, stretching toning and sculpting.

Let's take a look at what to expect:


Loosen up the joints in the shoulders with shoulder rolls, spinal wave, standing twist, star jumps (just a few - honest!) and squats with side punch.

The upper body work out:

If you are already familiar with the Sun Sequence (Surya Namaskara), you'll recognise this sequence - but prepare to be surprised! Radha has added her own unique TOGA spin on it to make sure that you really get the upper body working. The great thing about this easy to follow sequence is that you can repeat it over and over - as many times as you like in one session. 

As you get stronger try repeating it three times and when you're ready add one more repeat extending your work out from just a few minutes... to up to half an hour. Remember always to begin with a short warm up and a relaxation after.


Complete your work out with a deep and nurturing guided relaxation.


Today's Message:
It's simple! Take time out to 'just be'. As you take slow, deep breaths, remember to be... where? BE HERE NOW... and take this time to feel what it is in life you are GRATEFUL for.

Have a clear goal in mind for today... and the most important muscle to keep toned? It's most definitely your smile!




30 Days, 30 Simple Changes, One Huge Change.

TOGA is all about balance, simplicity, power and most of all YOU. 


The #TOGA30DayChallenge is all about sharing simple tools that you can add to your life that, cumulatively, can create huge change in your life.
You may already do some of the actions I suggest, or most likely - know about them but rarely put them into action... In these 30 days I'd love for you to make this health journey with me - to try something new, see what works and discover something new about life and about yourself.

I'll be carrying out each challenge with you and would love to hear all about the discoveries you’re making along the way and any questions you have. I'll be using the hashtag #TOGA30DayChallenge so get in touch on all social media platforms with @togaonline and share your journey with your fellow explorers.

Each day you’ll get new ideas, recipes, workouts and actions sent right to your inbox. So what are you waiting for? Lets do this!


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Radha Patel 
Founder of TOGA and Online Studio tutor



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Members' comments:

25 Apr, 2018
cookie's picture
Wow! Great little session (with a view) love the powerful use of the sun sequence - feeling strong & ready to go.Thanks Radha - look forward to trying out more of your online sessions.
8 Apr, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
A great little class, Radha! I love the variations you bring to the sun sequence and that you can add more repititions. I always feel I'm getting fitter when I follow your classes. Thank you.
23 Jan, 2018
RadhaPatel's picture
Thanks so much lovely!! So glad you enjoyed it- looking forward to sharing more with you this year! x
20 Jan, 2018
Raisinloaf's picture
Fabulous workout and yoga – love the combination. I felt really energised. Really liked the elbow and hands plank. Thank you Radha.


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