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Transforming depression into self empowerment

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Transforming depression into self-empowerment

28 mins

Join Annie as she takes you through this class on transforming depression into self-empowerment.

We all experience depression to some degree in our lives. And yes, it can be a difficult emotion to break, as by it’s nature it’s introverted and self-focused. If you think of your posture when in a depressed state you’ll often find your shoulders round forward, you gaze comes downward toward the floor and your breath is often shallow and in the upper part of the lungs.

In this state the upward flow of vibrant life-energy from Manipura is restricted. This is the emotional ‘posture’ of depression. When working with our emotions it’s crucial we recognise how our physical posture effects our mind and emotions - and learn to change and adjust it.

There are many effective ways to change your emotional state. One of the easiest is to increase your level of endorphins, or the ‘happy hormone’. The best way to do this?

1. Smile and laugh! Put on a youtube video of a funny comedian.

2. Move! Put on your favourite music and dance your way to emotional balance!

In this class we’ll discuss some of the factors that can trigger depression and 4 potent techniques you can use right now to help you shift out of your depression: 

  • Figure of 8 - creating a dynamic flow of energy
  • Gesture of Acceptance - feel safe, secure & empowered
  • SSS breath - combine breath & movement to help dissolve & let go
  • Pebble meditation - share your unique gifts with the world



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Members' comments:

31 Mar, 2021
Shelaghmoss's picture
Thank you Annie. A great reminder and start to my day.
1 Jun, 2020
Thom's picture
Very good class. Particularly enjoyed the pebble meditation. Thanks
21 Apr, 2020
Sandy's picture
Annie-thank you for sharing this session with us. It was lovely and helpful for anyone dealing with depression. I will share it with my friends and family. Much love X
26 Feb, 2020
Pippa's picture
Thank you Annie, lovely session, I look forward to using this on myself and teaching it to others. Thank you for sharing
27 Jul, 2018
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Thank you so much for this Annie. Simple, and very effective.
2 Oct, 2017's picture
Wonderful,wonderful,wonderful.l have just re joined the online studio. Oh how much l have missed it. Annie, your teaching as always inspires me, thank you x


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