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Maureen - understanding sleep

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Understanding sleep

18 mins

Did you know that sleep is actually the START of our biological day? 

Discover this and so much more about the importance of a good nights sleep in this great new session with Maureen Brimley.

Inspired by her own sleep exploration we hear much of Maureen’s research into the science of sleep and also her pragmatic approach to helping us to improve our own rhythm so that we too can feel energised and refreshed every morning!

In this session:

  • why we need a good nights sleep and the benefits                        
  • learn about  the different stages of our sleep cycle 
  • the importance of REM sleep 
  • what is the "ideal" sleep 
  • sleep's role in brain detoxification 
  • using the tools of yoga to relax and get a good nights sleep 

Ahhh... I'm feeling sooo sleepy...

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Members' comments:

13 Apr, 2023
judith1.johnstone@tiscali.co.uk's picture
Thank you for sharing....that was so interesting
2 Feb, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for sharing this information. Having been disturbed at 5am by7 5minute drones of cargo planes slowing lowering down towards East Midland Airport this morning I can change thigs.
19 Mar, 2021
denise terry's picture
denise terry
Thank you Mo. This was very informative and helpful . X
17 Mar, 2021
Alison Hayward's picture
Alison Hayward
Thank you Mo, that was very interesting for me as I have broken sleep too and struggle to get to 6 hours sleep most nights. I find I can't get back to sleep from the early hours as I start mulling over things. Thank you for sharing. Alison x x
16 Mar, 2021
Flora palou's picture
Flora palou
Thank you Mo. I also wake up frequently during the night, so this is very helpful. Xx


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