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Vision boarding

37 mins

Welcome to the world of vision boarding!

Vision boards are a very powerful tool to help us access and train our sub-conscious minds to help us to manifest our dreams and goals. In this session with Mansukh you’ll learn about some of the powerful science behind vision boards and why they work. 

Filmed live at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia, this session has been taken from the Power to Live your Dreams online course exclusively for the Online Studio. This session covers not only the science behind what makes vision boards work, but also 7 of the most common pitfalls that stop them from working.

Maybe you’ve tried using a vision board before? Or maybe you’ve still got one from 3 years ago buried in the back of the wardrobe or under the bed? Well, NOW is the perfect time to revamp, adjust and update your vision board to support you in moving forward towards the life of your dreams!

Find out more about the Power to Live your Dreams online course.

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Downloadable resources:

To support you when watching this video please download this pdf taken from the manual. There are some worksheets for you to fill out as you watch the session as well as the 7 Steps to an effective vision board.

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Members' comments:

19 Aug, 2020
ronin-47's picture
Thank you for this video, Mansukh has brought some clarity to an effective approach in the creation of my vision board.
24 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Paul Thanks so much for your comments about Mansukh Patel's presentation about how to make the most from your vision board. When we dare to express our dreams visually in this way we tap into resources we never knew we had. Padma
15 Jan, 2020
Joshna Patel's picture
Joshna Patel
Brilliant practical steps to create a successful vision board. The insight on how making a vision board works, makes a difference. It all makes sense.
4 Jan, 2020
Nils Wedtke's picture
Nils Wedtke
Great Video! This is such profound and condensed knowledge and wisdom! Thank you Mansukh and Dru for sharing! Love from Germany, Nils


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