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Vitality Exercises

4 mins

In this great activation session you'll learn a short sequence of 3 movements which are perfect to wake you up in the morning or prepare you for a great yoga session.

1. Chest Opening
In this exercise breathe deep into the lungs focusing on bringing oxygen into your body. Opening the arms out to the side and back in supports you in filling your lungs deeply. You will also mobilise the shoulders and start activating the forward flection and extension of the spine.

2. Bouncing
A simple yet powerful way to wake up everything inside! Simply bounce on your heels as you work the legs and calf muscles. You can almost feel as though every cell is now filled with the oxygen brought in from the first movement.

3. Kidney Scoop
A gentle compression and release to the kidneys, this movement really supports your whole body by getting everything moving. You'll also enjoy a side bend, neck and shoulder release as well and a gentle massage to the abdomen.


Once you've completed this class you can move on to Roos' sun sequence variations (a strong and powerful way to mobilise and energise your whole body) or move into other Studio classes or your own practice.


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Members' comments:

15 Nov, 2019
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Thank you so much, for a short but really effective activation, beautifully presented in a lovely uplifting way xxx


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