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Vitality Sequence - class 3 with Angela Baker

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Vitality Sequence Class 3

59 mins

Welcome to Class 3 of the Vitality Sequence. It is the final class of the series!

We hope you are feeling the benefits of the previous classes. It's time to put all the postures together and work with the Vitality Sequence in a powerful and strength- building way.

We will be working with a dynamic version of the Vitality Sequence using two fitness concepts. Firstly Isotonic strengthening is when we are moving the muscles when they are engaged. E.g. arm movements in Warrior. When we use the Vitality Sequence to focus on Isotonic strengthening, we will be doing several repetitions of the movements.

Isometric strengthening involves keeping tension in the muscles when holding a posture. During the second part of the vitality, we will focus on holding the postures to engage isometric strengthening.

Class 3 includes:

  • Activations Including body preps
  • EBR 1 Vitality Sequence run through
  • Dynamic Vitality Sequence
  • Part 1- isotonic focus
  • Part 2 - isometric focus
  • Short relaxation

For this class, think of an intention you can work with, e.g. think of your health and where you want to take it or is there a project you need to pour energy into.

Let us know your goals and dedications in the comments below or if you have any questions.

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Members' comments:

2 Sep, 2021
Jan Buyle's picture
Jan Buyle
I've enjoyed these 3 classes so much. Lovely! Thank you Angela... Love your style
7 Jun, 2020's picture
I just love Angela's classes, lots of explanations, a great work out and due attention to the energetic aspects of the movements and postures. I need to be careful of my right side sacroiliac joint so assymetric postures have to be done with care. A similar sequence with more symmetry would be brilliant. The three classes in this series are fantastic. You've got me back into my yoga - thank you! :)
1 May, 2020
MarionDru's picture
loving these classes from lockdown life in Inverness! a wee ray of ozzie sunshine! x
10 Dec, 2019
cat's picture
Totally awesome to return to after a few weeks. I also love teaching this - you are very inspirational Angela !! Such a fab class but especially in cold dark winter when you need a big boost of Vitality - going to do this at least once a week until spring.
25 Nov, 2019
SylviaC's picture
Fantastic! Loving these stronger takes on this fabulous Dru sequence. There is definitely a demographic that wants to feel the beauty of a good challenging workout, but withing the framework of a yogic approach and philosophy. I love they way you teach Ang! Thank you xo
21 Sep, 2019
Jennikirkwood's picture
Thank you so much Angela - this has been a fantastic series. More please! Jennix
15 Sep, 2019
Donna's picture
Amazing! I feel incredible, absolutely electric! Thank you so much Angela. It would be wonderful if you could create something similar for the Power Sequence.
12 Sep, 2019
Spring 22's picture
Spring 22
I’ve loved all three classes, it’s been a challenge but beautifully staged. I’ve made my promises to myself and feel great. Thank you. More please xx
6 Sep, 2019
cat's picture
Totally awesome !! Up for the 7 day challenge then ready to take my students through this in stages and allow them to find their rocket !
6 Sep, 2019
Shahn's picture
Thank you Angela, that was awesome! I love the rocket! My vital, magnificent Self is feeling super-charged and ready to inspire more students :-) xx
23 Aug, 2019
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
Dedicated to'you shine' Me, you, everyone...


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