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Wake-up yoga - on the beach

47 mins

Adie Robertson takes you through an invigorating, dynamic routine that will wake you up - on the beach in Adelaide, Australia. 

Join Adie in a vigorous activation sequence to warm-up your whole body, followed by an enticingly vibrant Energy Block Release 1 and then the Sun Sequence - strong, fun and energising. After a gorgeous relaxation on the beach, you'll feel ready for anything the day can bring. 

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Members' comments:

20 Jul, 2023
NicolaM's picture
Super class - use it frequently. Thank you Adie.
2 Feb, 2023
JuliaS's picture
Thanks addie. New school of thought is heels don't need to touch the ground any longer in Dog.
15 Nov, 2022
jojo62's picture
Fabulous way to start the day, even on a rainy day in England! I felt the sun!Thank you .
15 Jul, 2022
Jane Boyd's picture
Jane Boyd
13 Jul, 2022
sandra.chevin121's picture
Still one of my very favourites! Not quite the beach, but a sunny patio is working wonders!!
22 Dec, 2021
Jan Buyle's picture
Jan Buyle
I enjoyed this class very much. Thank you!
23 Jun, 2021
Kay84's picture
Fabulous class, feel energised,focused and ready for the day ahead. Thank you
12 May, 2021
Keely Harris's picture
Keely Harris
Adie thank you for this beautiful class.I feel as though I am there on that stunning beach. Feeling so much more relaxed and energised from your class.Please can we have more classes from you and inspirational quotes.
10 May, 2021
JaneG's picture
Perfect. I was on the beach in Australia.
3 Mar, 2021
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Feeling energised. Ready to teach my class today. Thank you. Helen Keller's quote was perfect. x
3 Aug, 2020
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
Thank you, that was lovely. I liked the quote at the end :-)
4 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Lucy Great to see how much you make use of the online studio. I am sure the benefits spead far and wide. Great to know we can have the beach experience from home
22 Jun, 2020
Keely Harris's picture
Keely Harris
Adie thank you for this beautiful class, so easy to follow and set in such a stunning location. Please more of your inspirational classes. Feel calmer, relaxed but full of positive energy.
15 May, 2020
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
Absolutely love the energy of this class! I feel totally refreshed and revived. Thank you Adie.
13 May, 2020
sandra.chevin121's picture
I love this energising wake-up - it has become my favourite "lock-down" morning routine! The sound of the sea is a great way to start the day. I notice that when Andi does the Sun Sequence, the right side is done twice and the left leg doesn't lead in the sequence. Is there a reason for this?
2 May, 2020
bridon's picture
Absolutely wonderful way to start to the day looking out on a beach in Western Australia while in Covid 19 lockdown. I feel beautifully energised to start my day.
8 Apr, 2020
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
We love seeing your comments on this class :-) Such a great way to bring sunshine into your day!
5 Apr, 2020
Harpec1's picture
Thanks for this class, really enjoyed it. No beach but I enjoyed having the sunshine in my garden to look at. Feeling energized. Charlotte x
3 Apr, 2020
sandra.chevin121's picture
A fabulous start to my day - thank you for this Adie Currently on Corona Virus Lock-down in Otley UK so I ave really appreciated visualising the beach and sea (not to mention the warmth of the sun) Feel ready to tackle my day now :)
28 Jul, 2019
JuliaS's picture
Loved your class. I taught it this morning.
11 Aug, 2018
EF's picture
This has become one of my favourite regular classes. Everything about this class makes me smile. Thankyou Adie:-)
10 Aug, 2018
SylviaC's picture
I just love this class - I keep coming back to it because it's not too long, and leaves me feeling refreshed and re-energised. Thanks Adie!
5 Jan, 2018
Julie Carnie's picture
Julie Carnie
Fab-u-lous, thank you! Feeling the rays of sunshine from your beautiful home renergising and giving energy that's much needed :) Lots of love and light and gratitude
30 Oct, 2016
partridge.gayle@gmail.com's picture
Lovely Adie! Enjoyed your teaching this morning.
26 Oct, 2016
AileenEmery's picture
Thanks for a beautiful class. So invigorating & empowering! I feel really fired up for the day. Not sure if it was just me getting the instructions wrong but I found that I had the same leg back each time we did Runner. I did the sequence a couple more times afterwards just to balance up.
4 Mar, 2016
Jo's picture
Thank you Adie, your class was revitalising and just what was needed on a slightly snowy morning here in Sheffield UK. Beautiful visualisations. X
18 Jan, 2016
rbn.collins@gmail.com's picture
Thanks Adie.returned to this class after a spell.Found it inspirational in preparing for my yoga assessment in Canberra last year. i am doing classes overlooking beach on Phillip Island.This is perfect.I find hard to keep good balance on the beach though. Robyn
20 Dec, 2015
Manipura's picture
My favourite class so far, thank you!
17 Sep, 2015
Dthorne_ot@yahoo.co.uk's picture
a lovely and lively start to my day:) thanks so much, loved it x
7 Sep, 2015
Mikeburden's picture
I have been a weekly student of Adie's for 7 months. The improvements in my flexibility, balance, toning, strength and general wellbeing, not to mention weight loss have been fantastic.
4 Sep, 2015
JacquelineD's picture
Full of light and vitality - thank you Adie
20 Aug, 2015
joanredfern's picture
Hi Adie: Thanks for the yoga. I have ben doing your class for the last week and have been really enjoying the worjout for my body. I think I'll take it to the beach next week. Thanks so much.
16 Aug, 2015
purplepaula's picture
Wish I was doing this on the beach instead of my kitchen! Nice way to wake the body
11 Aug, 2015
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Refreshing and invigorating - thank you, Adie!


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