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Warrior flow

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Warrior flow

25 mins

Welcome to this exciting new sequence - the Warrior Flow, especially created for the Studio by our Dru Yoga Creatives!

Do you want to feel greater strength, determination and confidence as you leave the house every morning? If your answer is a resounding YES -  then get out your yoga mat, and practice this Warrior Flow!

If you are already familiar with the Warrior poses also known as Virabhadrasana in original Sanskrit, then you will know that there are variations on this posture, hence Warrior 1, 2 and 3 (you'll learn all about this on our Dru Yoga training course). This sequence also includes Chair of the Heart pose, or Utkatasana in Sanskrit.

Warrior Flow class:

  • Begin with some Activations to mobilize the spine and to loosen the shoulder girdle. We'll also focus on specific body preps to warm up the soleus muscle in the lower calf  as well as the hamstring stretch in preparation for the main sequence.
  • Watch a short flowing demonstration of the sequence. This is followed by another short  guided demonstration.
  • We're now ready to enjoy the main sequence so get ready for a treat... The postures included are: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3 (balance posture), Utkasana (Chair of the Heart) and Inverted Warrior.

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Members' comments:

1 Feb, 2022
MassageLady's picture
Always love your classes Anouschka. Thanks so much. x
1 Feb, 2022
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Glad you enjoyed it!
12 Dec, 2021
mac9874y's picture
Thank you, just what I was after: a warrior sequence.
10 Dec, 2021
DebbieY's picture
Thank you beautiful and powerful
1 Mar, 2021
Pat Watten's picture
Pat Watten
Thankyou Anoushka, this warrior flow is beautiful :) x
5 Aug, 2020
jennyclare's picture
I love your flows x
5 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Jenny Thanks so much for your comments. The flows in Dru Yoga are loved by so many. In the process of this warrior sequence allow your full inner strengths and powers to become accessible to you. These are the key benefits of thse postures.
18 Nov, 2018
NikkiM's picture
Thank you..such a lovely sequence..perfect as I'm working on my warrior reflections this week!
21 Oct, 2018
GulcanMalik's picture
Such a beautiful sequence, strong and graceful. Thank you Anoushka
20 Oct, 2018
Jo's picture
A beautiful sequence which I shall practice , thank you both for the demonstrations and flow, much love always, Jo xx
18 Oct, 2018
Nadia Dickie's picture
Nadia Dickie
Love it!!! xxx
14 Oct, 2018
Shirley Campbell's picture
Shirley Campbell
Thank you Anouschka, this sequence brings a wonderful freshness to the Warriors. Love the preparations too!!
9 Oct, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Fabulous flowing sequence! Thanks, Anouska!
7 Oct, 2018
Pippa's picture
Lovely sequence Anouschka, I'm practising it as we speak and will be teaching this very soon! xx
5 Oct, 2018
Machteld's picture
I just love the beauty of this sequence! Strong and graceful at the same time. Thank you!
3 Oct, 2018
cmbrennan@westnet.com.au's picture
So so beautiful Anouschka. I feel your grace& ease. Thank you.
2 Oct, 2018
Kate Longden's picture
Kate Longden
Beautiful, such grace with strength. It was powerful just watching it..Thank you Anouschka.
2 Oct, 2018
laural's picture
Lovely flowing and strong sequence, just what I needed this afternoon and just the right length to do whilst my baby had her nap! Thank you Anouschka. xxx


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