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what is an EBR in Dru Yoga


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What is an EBR in Dru Yoga? - Stroud course

5 mins

The Energy Block Release sequences are unique to Dru Yoga. These gentle flowing sequences usually comprise of a selection of movements that work together with very clear and directed purpose. They range from Energy Block Release 1 to Energy Block Release 7.

An EBR sequence features a combination of stretches, breath awareness (pranayama), mudras (hand gestures) and affirmations for promoting a healthy and positive sense of self. As the title suggests these sequences are aimed at transforming and releasing negative emotions into positve ones. 

> read more about EBRs in Annie's blog

Each sequence works on several levels:

  • Releasing physical, emotional and mental stress that gets 'stuck' in the peripheral muscles of the body, eg, the shoulders and the neck and the lower back. 
  • Releasing deeper more chronic physical exhaustion and long held unresolved emotion from the deeper underlying muscles, for example those conditions we experience as long term back pain and digestive disorders. 
  • Releasing deeper long term stresses that manifest as chronic anxiety, deep tissue and organ imbalance. It is understood that sadness can get 'stuck' in the heart, grief in the lungs and anger in the liver.
  • Going deeper still, these sequences are directed at clearing, balancing and activating the healing energy centres in the body, known as 'chakras'.

Here are a few free EBR videos for you to enjoy:

EBR 1 - Yoga for Later Years (Trish Brown)

EBR 2 - Balancing the Fire Element (Annie Jones) 

EBR 3 - Energy Block Release 3 (Andrew Wells) 

EBR 4 - Energy Block Release 4 (Coby Langford) 

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