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Yoga for Pregnancy: Class 1

28 mins

This class can be performed by any mother-to-be and at any stage of your pregnancy.

It will strengthen muscles and help to improve circulation and support the mother as the baby grows. Even after this brief 30 min programme, you will feel calm and more stable both physically and mentally and your body will feel more energised.

This session includes joint mobility, core and pelvic floor work, modified cat stretches and modified dog stretches (Trish's favourite!).

Trish will also explore the Rainbow visualisation, connecting you intimately with your baby. Relax, feel nurtured and nourished at every level of your being.


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Members' comments:

27 Feb, 2022
Yoga with L's picture
Yoga with L
I enjoyed this class. You provided some lovely ideas for pregnant mamas. Thank you, Lian :)
6 Oct, 2020
Lynn Overington-Hickford's picture
Lynn Overington...
Hi, I'm well past My child-(bearing years, my babies are grown men! However, I'm feeling a bit physically fragile today and needed something gentle. This was wonderful. I've not done these class before but will definitely do it again. Thank you. Namaste
16 May, 2013
Annie Raynor's picture
Annie Raynor
oh so nurturing, calm and peaceful, beautiful for pregnant women and others alike
3 Apr, 2013
Henriette's picture
hello Dearest Trish how lovely to see you! I enjoyed it so much! with love, Henriette
19 Mar, 2013's picture
ahhhh that was gorgous Trish. lovely nurturing pace with a beautiful voice. a class to cherish for mums to be and equally lovely for us mums past! Thank youxx
6 Mar, 2013
jmts's picture
Dearest Trish, just beautiful. Brings back beautiful memories from 14 years ago! Love & blessings to you xx
3 Mar, 2013
juliebeynon's picture
Thanks Trish for a wonderful class. New inspiration for my prenatal classes and I loved the rainbow visualisation. Julie xxx


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