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Yoga for your Ayurvedic body type - Kapha

30 mins

In this session, designed specifically for anyone who has a kapha Ayurvedic body type, Nanna Coppens will guide you through movements and postures that will get you fired and ready for the day!

Your Kapha session will include:

  • Dynamic activations -bouncing and full body tapping, arm swings, side stretches with the addition of a hand gesture known as the Prana mudra, squat with side leg extensions
  • The Chair of the Heart
  • The Dynamic Tree
  • Phase 1 - with leg raise
  • Phase 2 - with the addition of the Warrior posture
  • Phase 3 - with arms clasped behind the back
  • The Bhima pose along with the Prana mudra
  • Nanna completes this session with a relaxing Makarasana followed by a 10 minute relaxation

 Additional yoga support items to have with you for this session (optional):
Wedge - for the Chair of the Heart
Cushions - for the Makarasana (the Crocodile)





Yoga for your Ayurvedic body type - Vata 
A Vata personality is outgoing, friendly and creative. When not in balance they can be stresses, anxious, overwhelmed. They can suffer from conditions such as insomnia, joint pain and brain fog. In this class we are going to reduce your vata and help create a calm, grounded state on mind and body. Be prepared to feel totally nurtured.


Yoga for your Ayurvedic body type - Pitta

In this session, designed specifically for anyone who has a pitta Auyvedic body type, Nanna Coppens will guide you through movements and postures that will bring you into the present - forgetting for a moment all those things on your 'to do' list.

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Members' comments:

20 Oct, 2023
Raisinloaf's picture
Really enjoyed this lovely class, especially the tree sequences. Thank you Nanna. Om Shanti.
30 Dec, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Thank you I needed this and feel alive with a clear head and reedy for the day
15 Nov, 2022
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
I absolutely loved this class from beginning to end. Thank you Nanna!
15 Jan, 2021
mariella.boere's picture
Thank you very much for this session. I have enjoyed it. I wonder why is it that we move the feet and the hands in opposite directions in the relaxation moves? For I have learned earlier to do them in the same directions?
4 Aug, 2020
Catriona's picture
I enjoyed this very much. I do have trouble with deep squats due to arthritis in one of my knees, but I compromise where I can. Thank you
5 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Catriona Thanks so much for your message. Yes, the secret really lies in being creative to find ways to alow our bodies to do as much of the sequence as we can safely and with great respect for whatever shape our body is in at the moment. The more we can keep moving the more opportunites we give our body to either maintain or restore so remember that your knees abilities to perform deep squats do not define you. As you have discovered they need not impair your enjoyment of the class.
21 Apr, 2020
LynneC's picture
Thank you Nanna! I really enjoyed the energy of this class, it is now one of my favourites.
26 Mar, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Nanna really enjoyed this session.
20 Mar, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi - hope you have enjoyed watching this class :-) We checked the sound and everything appears to be working fine at our end. Just checking your volume is turned up both on your computer and also on the video itself (bottom right corner). Let us know if you have any more problems. Thanks.
23 Jan, 2017
Markham28's picture
unfortuanely there is no sound I used the ear phones as well
13 May, 2016
JosephineP's picture
Thank you . great Kapha class. Just what I need- being Kapha. Will be coming back many times.Thankyou!
30 Apr, 2016
campbellinglis@icloud.com's picture
Will try this sometime, though I am mostly Pitta. I like the variations for Tree pose. Thanks.
4 Apr, 2016
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Great class, Nanna. I loved the whole series, but this one rings true for me and I'll enjoy coming back to this many times. Thank you!