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Post Grad training and career options

Welcome to a thriving world of Dru Yoga teachers, professional support, yoga in depth and great friendships! Once you are a graduate from the Dru Yoga teacher training course you will have access to a remarkable array of benefits.

Dru Yoga in Snowdonia

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Teaching near the Dru Yoga training centre, Snowdonia


Post Graduate training - Dru Yoga in depth

Want to become a yoga therapist, top up your skills, dive deeply into yoga or continue your friendships from your teacher training course? You'll find an exciting range of options:

  • Dru Yoga Therapy qualification - recognised by the UK government's Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • Advanced Dru Yoga studies certificate course - a groundbreaking course, pioneered in Australia and now available in the UK for the first time, which leads you to a truly profound understanding of your yoga, increases your subtle energy awareness and teaches you how to strengthen, heal and master each chakra, on each kosha level
  • Dru Dance teacher qualification - pick up the beat and wow your community!
  • Dru Kids & Teens qualification - take yoga to the young people who'll be our future leaders
  • Dru Back Care course
  • Dru Yoga Pre-natal course
  • Specialist post graduate master classes - developing your teaching of Dru Yoga and so much more
  • Ongoing courses and seminars - yoga in depth


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Enrich your teacher training qualification ...

Qualify as a Dru Yoga therapist


Frani Wilde avatar

frani wilde

Physiotherapist & Dru Yoga teacher

I have found my work as a physiotherapist had been greatly enhanced with my tools from the Postgrad Mastery Course. I can now understand injuries and conditions deeply across many layers enabling more effective treatment, simply and easily. Imagine what that does to my Yoga teaching too!


Professional support

Take your teaching into the workplace

Dru Research evidences the benefits of yoga in the workplace.

You'll be part of a vibrant network of Dru trainers and teachers who can give you advice, tips and friendly support as you build your yoga classes.

  • Taking yoga into a company or some new specialty area? You'll find many people have been there before, who will be delighted to help you on your way.  Workplace research results >
  • Dru Research - backed by science, you'll have an instant entry into the workplace.
  • Get advice from Dru yoga teacher trainers - you'll never be far from one of our team of trainers, readily available for friendly advice and in depth mentoring.

Post graduate teacher training courses

Start adding to your skills and enhance your teaching qualification

Dru Professional Network

Join the DPN today for a wide range of benefits.


Become a member now


Dru Professional Network (DPN)

Keep connected, stay inspired and gain support with the Dru Professional Network, the professional association for Dru Yoga teachers and student teachers around the world. 

The DPN offers many membership benefits, including:


Dru Yoga teachers

Dru Professional Network

Keep connected, stay inspired and gain support

  • Members only resources at the DPN Website
  • Professional insurance at substantially lower rates
  • Free trial access to Dru online studio, then reduced subscription
  • 'Find A Dru Yoga Teacher' service
  • Up to 30% discount on Dru CDs, books and DVDs
  • Free templates for promotional flyers
  • Dru business card service
  • Discounted website design service
  • Free two month trial of the Dru Meditation Online Course


Join the DPN and start enjoying the many benefits ...

Be inspired, deepen your practice and your skills.


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